Our credits tell the story.

We judge our success not - like most Universities - by how many of our graduates get jobs (they get those anyway), but rather by what and how many awards they win and by the audiences their films and shows attract in the UK and around the world.

Our graduates direct, art direct, write, shoot, produce, edit and do the sound, music and visual effects of major commercial films like the 7 time Oscar-winner Gravity, the Emmy-winning Netflix series House of Cards and the critically acclaimed Broadchurch. They also include some of the seminal auteur British Film Makers of this or any generation like Lynne Ramsey and Terence Davies. Whether they are winning awards or attracting audiences or both, the NFTS Alumni are as successful as any film school in the world.


James Griffiths won the 2014 BAFTA for Best Short Film with Room 8
In 2013/14 NFTS graduates were nominated for a total 31 BAFTAs and won 10. At the 2014 BAFTA Film Awards we had a total of 12 Individual BAFTA nominations and 114 graduates involved in BAFTA and Oscar-nominated Films.
Anthony Chen won the 2013 Camera d’Or at Cannes for Ilo, Ilo, he then won Best Film at the BFI London Festival and 4 Golden Horse Awards.
In 2013 five graduates were nominated for Oscars including Best Cinematography (Skyfall) and Best Original Score (Anna Karenina)