1-2-1 Sitcom Writing for TV and Radio

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This online 1-2-1 course is for writers currently working on a new comedy pilot script. Max Davis is a highly sought after, award winning comedy writer who has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy, including Romesh Ranganathan, Desiree Burch and Sir Lenny Henry

He is the creator of the BBC Radio sitcom Parental Guidance, the Sky Atlantic short Christmas Jumpers and has written on seasons 2 and 3 of the hit Apple TV show Trying.

Working with the writer, he will give existing scripts a full read and extensive notes, which will be discussed via a Zoom session where they can be further explored and suggestions made to improve. Subsequent sessions can be booked for further drafts.

Max will also work with the writer to create funny, believable characters, improve plotting and storylining skills and help them write funny dialogue. Sessions can also include advice about selling your script, including production companies, agents, open door submission shows and pitching effectively.

£200 per 90 minute session

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  2. Date and time for your 1-2-1 session will be arranged to suit you!


"Max is enthusiastic and funny in the room. He and I laugh a lot and enjoy the process of thinking up funny bits. He likes to beat up a script until it's genuinely funny. He works hard and that's what counts. Max, I salute you!"  Sir Lenny Henry 

"Max Davis is a master of comedy writing and direction. With the full gamut of comedy experience, having gone from comedian to writer to director and back, Max has gained invaluable skills to impart to any student or collaborator. His vast empathy for those he works with pierces to the heart of what wants and needs to be said. That skill is only rivalled by a stunning adaptability in approaching subjects and styles. He’s an invaluable right-hand man, and the guy I trust to get it done right." Desiree Burch - Stand up and Actress

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