2022 Winter Directors' Series

Short course


31 October - 25 November 2022

This sell-out intensive four-week training course will give you the creative confidence to realise your directing aspirations and is limited to just 8 participants.  Giving you exceptional opportunities to practice your technique and have 1-2-1 access to our tutors, not to mention a raft of industry personnel. Using professional actors and crew as well as a specially constructed set, you will have the opportunity to rehearse actors, direct a full crew, and most importantly, receive running feedback on your work.

What participants said about past Series:
"We have been given the information and the blueprints - now we just need to make the plane fly. - Wonderful thank you"

“I really got a lot from the series- it’s been incredible valuable, and changed the way I think as a Director.”

“Reading a script and being able to draw from it was a very important session for me. I think actors will understand me now and I them."

“Hands down the best course I have ever attended… already resulting in approaches from producers in US and Australia, as well as an Honourable Mention at the Berlin Flash Film Festival - so I would say that’s a strong recommendation!”

 “Invaluable :-)”

Week One: Focuses on how a director reads and analyses a script in order to prepare for work with the actors; how to give playable directions, and how to get the truthful and spontaneous performances you want from your actors. You will have the chance to work with professional actors on challenging exercises which will then be edited for review and feedback.

Weeks Two & Three: Participants will be given a focused overview of the processes of film-making from the point of view of the director, from a host of top industry professionals brought in from a range different specialisations. You will be given a screenplay that will form the basis of much of the work over the 2 weeks; there will also be a staging and visual-storytelling exercise to build on the study and an assigned scene to stage with professional actors (and shoot as a workshop).

Week Four: Participants will have the opportunity to test their skills directing a complex scene of their choice in the studio with a professional cast and crew, which will then be edited for review and feedback.

Places are awarded on a first-come first served basis - so don't miss out on the chance of a place on the superb series!


Freelance Rate: £6350

Corporate Rate: £6600

Fees and funding options

Fees for this course are as follows:

Although we require you to pay the standard £100 deposit upon application, should you not be offered a place, this will be refunded to you. However, should you be offered a place but not be able to attend we will retain 100% of the deposit.  Also due to the nature of this training the deadline date for full balance payment is 19 September 2022