Access NFTS: In Conversation - Ask the Directors

Event Type:
Access NFTS

Event Date:
Mon, May 16, 2022 17:00 to 18:00

Monday 16th May - Via Zoom

Interested in a career as a Director?  But for what?
We are excited to be joined in this 'In Conversation ' session by a panel of Directors from a range of backgrounds


Games, Science and National History, Animation, Fiction, Documentary, Commercials what do they have in common? They all need a director, but is the role of director the same in each area? if not what are the differences? If you have always wanted to be a Director, maybe you will discover new roles and responsibilities and get advice from the panel on how to get into that role in the future.. 

Join me while I talk to current NFTS students all specialising in different genres, but all Directors. They will be on zoom to answer your questions about the role of a Director and give their hints, tips and advice based on their experience. 


Each member of the panel will also discuss their journey to NFTS, what they have learnt and what their plans are upon graduating. The is event is open to all. 

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