Access NFTS: In Conversation with Script Developer Summer Grieve-Knight

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Access NFTS

Event Date:
Mon, July 18, 2022 17:00 to 18:00

Monday 18th July, 5pm - 6pm, Via Zoom

Interested in a career as a Script Developer, Script Reader or Script Editor?  Do you know what these job roles are and what each of them do?
We are excited to be joined in this 'In Conversation' session by Summer Grieve Knight


About Summer


Summer graduated NFTS in February 2022 from the Professional Diploma in Script Development, she now works as a Script Reader and Script Editor for a number of companies including Northern Ireland Screen and Green Door Pictures. The screenwriter Summer worked with during her time at the NFTS has recently been signed by Curtis Brown and has had significant success in a number of screenwriting competitions.
Summer is passionate about seeing more diverse voices within television and film, but has a special interest in comedy television. Coming from a low socio economic background herself and having been fortunate enough to have recieved a scholarship to attend NFTS, Summer is especially keen to reach new writing talent from deprived areas and support talent in accessing NFTS and the industry.


About this session

Summer and I will discuss her journey to the NFTS, her extensive experience since graduating, the role of the script editor and her tips and advice for getting into this area of the industry. 


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This event is supported by upcoming Universal release from Oscar winning director Jordan Peele (Get out, Us), 'Nope' : out August 12th. You can find out more and watch the trailer at Universals UK website