Audio for Directors & Producers

Short course


If there’s one area that often gets overlooked or underfunded it’s the Sound department!

In the cinema, audio is at least half the experience if not more and is essential to your story telling in so many ways you may not have even thought of. Poor audio can also wreck your production value and quality but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

This course will teach you how to understand and work with your audio department to achieve top-level professional sound mixes. We will cover all aspects of the audio workflow in production and post-production from a director or producer’s perspective so you can achieve the results you want, save time and money, improve your production value and tell your story like it deserves!

Areas covered include:

Day One: Audio Principles and Pre-production

•             Introduction to sound / audio

•             Analysing scripts for sound recording logistics

•             Location scouting and research for potential environmental sound issues

•             Planning the audio recording – speed v’s quality

•             Preparing the camera department

•             Audio standards and file formats


Day Two: On Set Audio Production

•             Timecode

•             Audio feeds (IEM)

•             Camera feeds

•             Weather

•             Crew control


Day Three: Post Production Audio

•             DIT – to editor

•             Sound synchronization

•             Audio workflow from editor to sound mixer

•             Audio language – how to communicate your ideas

•             The stages and sections of a sound mix

•             Understanding broadcast and distribution delivery specifications

•             Budgets / Costs and expectations


Freelance Rate: £525

Corporate Rate: £995

Tutored by Nick Bridge-Butler who has been a professional audio engineer in the film industry for 20 years and has worked in every department of audio production including location sound recording, boom operating, editing, sound editing, sound FX production, foley, ADR, VO, creative sound production, dubbing and full project supervision. Credits in Feature film production, short films, documentaries, theatre production, news gathering, corporate film, live TV, game production and many more. He also has a wide experience in music writing, production and mastering. He also has nearly 20 years’ experience as a sound lecturer at various establishments including Alchemea college of Audio engineering, Buckinghamshire University, Thames Valley University, Reading College, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, BIMM London and Met Film School