BiteSized@NFTS: Visual Screenwriting & Cinematic Storytelling

Short course


This course is a combination of interactive teaching and practical exercises.  You will be asked to try out each technique as it is taught. You may ask as many questions as you like during the session – and will be actively encouraged to contribute to discussions


In the film industry “a picture is worth a thousand words


Writers who cannot tell a story visually cannot expect to survive in modern independent cinema. They will also find it increasingly difficult to make progress in television. The days when the only skill a screenwriter needed was the ability to write good dialogue are over.


Cinema and television are the world’s most powerful storytelling mediums precisely because visual storytelling is so compelling. Every second of a film contains thousands of pieces of visual information, which the audience use to understand the story. When combined with audio (dialogue, music, sound effects), cinematic storytelling is totally absorbing and immersive.


This fact, that cinema works precisely because it is visual, presents a genuine challenge to every screenwriter. How can we write scripts that adequately tell the story (visually) without writing a thousand words for each moment? This is one of the greatest technical challenges facing modern screenwriters.


In this course, Clive Frayne will teach six basic steps to help you master writing concise, visually dynamic, cinematic, storytelling.


These are:

1.    Simple Tools to create a Compelling Fictional World

2.    Character Introductions (And why they really matter)

3.    Using the Fictional World as a Character

4.    Emotional Beats vs Plot Points

5.    The Invisible Tour Guide (Stop Imagining the Movie!)

6.    Dynamic Formatting (How you tell vs What you tell)


The session will teach you the techniques, and give you the opportunity to try out these techniques in a safe, guided, environment. We will also provide a set of resources to help your progress and future development.


Freelance Rate: £50

Corporate Rate: £100


Feedback from other online training we have provided include:

“I probably felt more comfortable doing this course over Zoom than I would have standing up in person reciting the same stories.”

“This course was delivered remotely and I was surprised at how well it worked. I felt at ease being at home and lost no focus. I felt that I was actually more honest about my faults and it gave a more informal feel”

 “A really great inspiring course with a very likeable course leader”

“Tutor had a very good structure and was passionate about their subject. I felt engaged and informed throughout.”

“The practice sessions were my favourite part. We got to think on our feet and really put the teachings to the test. The tasks set were easy to follow but hard enough that you really had to think to complete them”

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