BiteSized@NFTS: Writing A Micro Short

Short course


One of the hardest things for most scriptwriters is being economical and cutting to the proverbial chase.

The vast majority of 15, 20, 30 minute shorts could easily be 5, 10, 15. A fact the tutor knows from having previously made shorts ranging from 1 to 20 minutes, as well as writing many shorts and features.

During this 2-hour scriptwriting session participants are asked to bring an idea to the table and are guided to write a micro-short script of a maximum 3 minutes around it.

This workshop is tutored by Sasha Damjanovski who has over 25 years’ experience writing, directing and producing film, TV, theatre and short-form commercial projects. He has received multiple awards at film festivals and critical acclaim an audience appreciation for the work that has been distributed in cinema, or shown on stage. He started writing poetry and prose, aged 11. Since then, he has been coming up with stories magical realism, sci-fi, romantic comedy, drama, political thriller, history as well as business communications.

Freelance Rate: £50

Corporate Rate: £100


Feedback from other online training Sasha has provided for us include:

“I probably felt more comfortable doing this course over Zoom than I would have standing up in person reciting the same stories.”

“This course was delivered remotely and I was surprised at how well it worked. I felt at ease being at home and lost no focus. I felt that I was actually more honest about my faults and it gave a more informal feel”

 “A really great inspiring course with a very likeable course leader”

“Sasha had a very good structure and was passionate about their subject. I felt engaged and informed throughout.”

“The practice sessions were my favourite part. We got to think on our feet and really put the teachings to the test. The tasks set were easy to follow but hard enough that you really had to think to complete them”

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