NFTS graduation animations, Inanimate, directed by Lucia Bulgheroni and Facing It, directed by Sam Gainsborough have been selected for this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival which takes place from 20th June – 1st July. Both animations will compete for the ‘Mclaren Award for Best New Animation’ which was won last year but NFTS graduation animation, Poles Apart, directed by Paloma Baeza.

Stop-frame animation Inanimate, directed by recent NFTS Directing Animation MA graduate, Lucia Bulgheroni, explores the nature of reality through a puppet called Katrine whose reality plummets around her. Inanimate was also selected for the prestigious Cinéfondation programme where it won Third Prize and the film is also a finalist in the BAFTA Student Film Awards. Inanimate is being screened as part of the programme ‘McLaren Award: New British Animation 2’, on Thursday 28 June 15:35 Filmhouse 1 (Public Screening)

Facing It, directed by recent NFTS Directing Animation MA graduate, Sam Gainsborough, mixes stop-motion with live-action and explores the psyche of character Sean, who is forced to confront his own unhappy memories and relationships in an evening that will leave him changed forever. Facing It is being screened as part of the programme ‘McLaren Award: New British Animation 1’, on Wednesday 27 June 15:35 Filmhouse 1 (Public Screening)

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The Teams:

Inanimate: Lucia Bulgheroni - Director/Animator; Lennard Ortmann, Producer; Drew Eu, Screenwriter; Ronnie Mcquillan, Cinematographer; Kristina Kovacs, Production Designer; Alex Mcardle, Production Manager; Raphael Pereira, Editor; Louise Burton, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Jose Pavli, Composer; Niall Harty, Cg Lead; Amy Gibson, Lead Compositor; Hugh Howlett, Colourist & Online Editor; Zsófi Szemerédy, PR and Marketing

Facing It: Sam Gainsborough, Director/Animator/Co-Screenwriter; Jimmy Campbell-Smith, Producer; Louisa Wood, Co-Screenwriter; Bruno Grilo, Cinematographer; Demian Lovett, Lilla Vindics, Assistant Directors; Fiona Guest, Production Designer; Garry David Frost, Production Manager; Jenny Martin, Production Co-Ordinator; Mdhamiri A Nkemi, Editor; Adam Woodhams, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Jack Newton, Composer; Oliver Buus, Lead Compositor; Daniel Quirke, Compositor; Laura Jane Dart, Colourist & Online Editor

Applications for the NFTS Directing Animation MA are open until the 5th July 2018 (the two-year MA course starts in January 2019) – for more information and to apply, please visit