Three adverts made by NFTS students and recent graduates have been nominated for the Adcan Awards, a film competition for up-and-coming filmmakers “who want to improve their career and the world at the same time”. Filmmakers are given a range of live charity briefs to respond to and the charities get the opportunity to use the content to promote their cause while the film industry benefits from finding new talent. According to the organisers, “It's this circle of benefits that makes the ADCAN Awards so unique.

Nominated adverts include Welcome by Directing Commercials and Promos Diploma student, Olivier Forest; WERK for Peace by Directing Commercials and Promos Diploma student, Jake Sleet and La La London by Directing and Producing Television Entertainment MA graduate, Madeleine Spivey.

Welcome directed by Olivier Forest and shot by Sean Francis for GRID Alternatives who provide free solar panels to low-income homes. 

Synopsis: A ten year-old girl is writing a letter to the sun: She thanks the sun for coming to her birthday and for making the weather so good. In this letter, she writes that her dad explained to her that some workers, like angels, came to install a special door to let the sun come in her house. It can now live with them and bring its energy.

She really likes that and thinks it's a fairy tale, which is why she wants to "welcome" it.

Olivier says: “I wanted to make a story as a child dream, a fairy tale, something magical. The sun is humanized by the girl; she likes to see it as a new family member.”

La La London directed by Madeleine Spivey and shot by Samira Oberberg for WERK for Peace, an LGBTQAI+ grassroots movement that uses dance to promote peace. They were founded after the horrendous nightclub shooting in Orlando and have made tremendous strides in spreading a positive message of equality to the world.

Madeleine: “I wanted to make a commercial which would honour WERK for Peace’s peaceful activism and promote their cause while inspiring others to get involved. I knew I wanted to make something positive and colourful which would leave people feeling hopeful and inspired, so I used the opening scene from Damien Chazelle's film La La Land (a film I found positive and inspiring) as a jumping-off point and thus, La La London was born. I called some of my friends from the NFTS, Samira Oberberg as DoP and Lindsay Wright as composer and we started compiling visual and music references. Once Lindsay had a rough track, I was able to use that to bring highly-acclaimed West End musical choreographer, Ashley Nottingham onto the project. Ashley brought 11 of his brilliant dancers from Pineapple Dance Studios and all together we made this one minute dance musical for WERK for Peace”.

WERK for Peace directed by Jake Sleet and shot by John Muschamp for WERK for Peace

Synopsis: It's the 21st Century and we're still witnessing anti-LGBT discrimination. Watching from a universe light-years ahead of our own, the Drag King of Planet Legabette is enraged, but unsure of what he can do to combat the homophobia.  That is, until, the narrator of this sung-through rap musical tells him to go down with his flamboyantly brilliant army to dance the bigotry out of the pres..., erm, puppet!

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