NFTS student animated film Abuelas directed by Afarin Eghbal, co-written by Francesca Gardiner & produced by Kasia Malipan has won five awards at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival, in Iowa. It won Best Documentary Short, Distinctive Achievement Award for Best International Film, Distinctive Achievement Award for Animation, Distinctive Achievement Award for Editing Short and Distinctive Achievement Award for Production Design.

This means Abuelas has won  a record-breaking  53 awards so far including a British Academy Film Awards, 2012 nomination for Best Short Animation; the London International Animation Festival 2011 (winner of the Audience Award for Best British Film & Highly Commended in the Best of the Festival section); Heartland Film Festival, Indianapolis 2011 (winner of the Crystal Heart Award); Bristol Encounters International Film Festival 2011 (winner of the Creative Filmmaker Award); Royal Television Society Student Television Awards 2012 nomination in the Postgraduate Animation category.

NFTS Director Nik Powell said: “Wow! 53 AWARDS for a single short film is absolutely incredible. Most films are happy to get a few festival selections and no awards. This is a record-breaking moment that reflects the filmmakers’ incredible talent and the School's support of ground-breaking and moving work by the students. Congratulations to Afarin Eghbal, Francesca Gardiner and by Kasia Malipan and everyone who worked on Abuelas."

The school is hosting an Animation open day on November 27. For more information on the course click here.