Explore the Weird and Wonderful World of Pixellation Workshop ‘Character of Place’

Every year, NFTS Directing Animation, Production Design and Cinematography departments collaborate on a workshop called ‘Character of Place’ where they work together to bring a location found in a picture to life. This workshop uses life size sets, experiential photography and the animation technique of pixellation.

Each project has a team comprising an animator, DoP and production designer and they get a day to plan, a day to build the set, two days to shoot and half a day to edit the pieces together which are then shown to the School in the main cinema.

Here are some stills of each project along with the teams:


Animator: Ewa Smyk; Production designer: Iasonas Houssein; DoP: Matt Vahey



Animator: Michaela Wozny; Production designer: Gabriel Robertson; DoP: Nathalie Pitters; 

Bubble Trouble

Animator: Neeraja Rajkumar; Production designer: Andrew Merrison; DoP: Emma Langguth 


Animator: Gagandeep Kalirai; Production designer: Anna Woloszczuk; DoP: Graham Boonzaaier


Animator: Renee Zhan; Production designer: Richard Henley; DoP: Adam SIngodia; 


Animator: Daniel Quirke; Production designer: Steven X. Haber; DoP: Twan Peeters; 


Animator: Richard Smithson; Production designer: Tananya Kutzer; DoP: Rachel Liew


Animator: Stephanie Marshall; Production designer: Peter Coulthard; DoP: Pep Bosch

Apply for Directing Animation and Production Design MA courses by the 5th July – more info at  www.nfts.co.uk/animation and www.nfts.co.uk/productiondesign