The NFTS is very excited to see that many of our 2021 graduating student films are already making waves on the festival scene including three which have been shortlisted for the GSA BAFTA Student Awards. One Animation film and two Science and Natural History documentaries have been shortlisted, alongside an additional first year Science and Natural History film. In a competition dominated by US institutions, for the second year in a row, the NFTS has the most number of films shortlisted from any other film school in the world!

This year's shortlist will compete for nominations for the BAFTA Student Film Award for Animation, the BAFTA Student Film Award for Documentary and the BAFTA Student Film Award for Live Action Film. This year BAFTA are also introducing two new awards for Immersive and Games. Two NFTS graduation games are also battling it out to be in the running and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for when those nominees are announced, along with the nominees in each of the film categories, on 9 June 2021!

Find out more about the NFTS projects below:


Night Of The Living Dread | 2021 Graduate Film.


When a power cut ruins Ruby's bedtime routine, she finds herself haunted by some unwanted guests. The only way for Ruby to get a peaceful night of sleep is to confront her visitors.

Graduating Crew

Director Ida Melum
Producer Danielle Goff
Screenwriters Laura Jayne Tunbridge, Hannah Kelso
Cinematographer Charlie Jenkins
Production Designer Milly White
Production Manager Kate Mant
Lead Model Makers María Collado Bonú, Angela Merlo Quartaroli
Model Makers Jana Arni, Mara Frampton, Jack Samuel Morgan, Agatha Roudaut, Beth Slater, Claire Smithson, Jonathan Thrower, Bethany Williams
Editor Lesley Posso
Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Miles Sullivan
Composer Joseph Stevenson
Lead Animator Rich Farris
VFX Supervisor Siân Drury
VFX Producer Carina Carlsson
Compositors Pietro Abati, Carina Carlsson, Siân Drury, Sam Pearson
Colourist/Online Editor Marco Valerio Caminiti


The Land Of Griffons | First Year Film

Still from The Land Of Griffons

On the Northwestern coast of Sardinia lives the last native Italian colony of griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus fulvus). Domenico Ruiu, an experienced photographer and conservationist, tells us about the dangers threatening the survival of the colony and about the work of the 'Life Under Griffon Wings' project which is fighting to ensure a safe future for the colony.

Producer, Director and Cinematographer Riccardo Soriano
Composer Aaron King
Sound Designer Guldem Masa
Colourist Mark Caminiti
1st AD Vesta Eleuteri

More Than Just Memories | 2021 Graduate Film

Still from More Than Just Memories

A film about an elderly couple, Tony and Sheila, who have been separated by dementia. Sheila now lives in a care home apart from Tony and her condition continues to deteriorate. The film explores Tony's adjustment to this new life, how they have both coped being separated by COVID-19, and how music can bring them both back together.

Graduating Crew
Director/Producer Megan Brown
Editor Osian Pearson
Sound Designer Louise Burton
Dubbing Mixer Miles Sullivan
Composer Fabio Amurri
Colourist/Online Editor Alex Coveney

Stories of You and I | 2021 Graduate Film

Narrated by Academy Award Nominee, Jonathan Pryce, Stories of You and I is an open letter to the Earth, remembering a life of infatuation with nature around the British Isles. It is a touching, personal and emotional cry for environmental justice told through an intimate relationship with the natural world.

Graduating Crew
Director/Producer/Camera John Davies
Associate Producer Michelle Brøndum
Editor Mira Thu
Sound Designer Markus Andreas
Composer Oliver Wegmuller
Dubbing Mixer Dominika Latusek
VFX Supervisor - Carina Carlsson
Colourist/Online Editor - Francis Qureshi


Tales From The Rift | 2021 Graduate Game

Still from Tales From The Rift gameplay

Deep in the forest of Chisana Sekai, Kaida’s friend Hitoshi has been stolen by a cruel Dai-Tengu. Being only 10cm tall, she must brave the elements to try find and save her friend.

Graduating Crew
Designer/Developer/Programmer Kamal Shaddad
Producer Jack Pollington
Story/Writer Hannah Kelso
Animator Ellie Silkstone
Concept Artists Aisosa Ugiagbe, Eve Finnie
CG Artist Terence Hughes
Sound Designer Joe De-Vine
Composer Joseph Stevenson
Marketing and PR Simon Galvan, Yang Liu, Clare Harris

CoVRt Operation | 2021 Graduate Game

A goofy tongue-in-cheek interactive heist adventure, in VR! When the job goes south and Henchmen 697, a rookie employee for E.V.I.L (Evil Villains Incorporated Limited), unwittingly kills his superior, it’s up to him to finish the job before it’s too late!

Graduating Crew
Designer/Developer Guy Sargent
Producer Michelle Brøndum
Writer Tom Van Overloop
Lighting/VFX Sam Pearson
Sound Designers Dominika Latusek, Antek Barnaba Rutcynski
Composer Alastair McNamara
Marketing and PR Jason Finkelstein, James Cannon

The achievement of being nominated for the BAFTA Student Awards is testament to how hard our students have worked through some very challenging circumstances. We’re incredibly proud of all involved.

The 2021 NFTS Graduation Films will be premiering at the end of the month from 25-28 May at the NFTS Graduation Showcase at the BFI Southbank.

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Places are still available on NFTS MA and Diploma courses including Directing and Producing Science and Natural History MA and Directing Animation. Visit the course pages to find out more and apply!