Despite the constant talk about Brexit related uncertainty affecting business in the UK, starting a creative business could actually be a very shrewd move. Firstly, the creative economy in the UK is booming; according to the DCMS, the UK’s Creative Industries are now worth £84.1 billion per year to the UK economy and the sector is growing at almost twice the rate of the wider UK economy. And secondly, creative occupations are said to be more likely to be futureproof to computerisation or automation*.

A recent article in The Telegraph backs this up: “Brexit should be the moment when the creative sector is properly understood for what it can deliver, economically, and socially. This means a shift away from viewing creative industries as woolly and towards recognising that they are valuable businesses to be incentivised and supported.” 

NFTS Head of Producing and the School’s Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives MA course leader, Chris Auty agrees: “Entrepreneurship makes a vital contribution to the creative industries and now is a fantastic time to capitalise on the boom in the creative economy and get a business off the ground. Whether it’s music, publishing, theatre, film, games, digital entertainment or television, the conditions are ripe for an entrepreneurial business person to shake up the industry with an innovative or disruptive idea. Alumni from our Entrepreneur MA have demonstrated this by setting up a wide range of businesses from a VR cinema experience to a film discovery app and a crowdfunding agency.”

If you have a creative business idea and would like to get it up and running with advice from over 100 major business leaders across the creative industries, apply for the NFTS Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives MA now! –

*Source: Creativity Vs. Robots The Creative Economy and the Future of Employment