The Flow of Life, directed by Directing and Producing Science and Natural History MA student Chris Orr, has been nominated for 'Best Short Film' at the Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival, which takes place between the 12th and 16th September in Germany.

The ten-minute documentary is one of six nominated in the ‘Best Short Film’ category and will be voted on by the festival audience. The Flow of Life explores the give-and-take relationship between the river and its inhabitants; showing the weird and wonderful adaptations that help them cling onto life, where survival is as constant as the flowing water. Filmed at the River Wissey in Norfolk, England, the film draws on the rare chalk stream ecosystem which is home to remarkable and mysterious creatures. 

Since 2007 the international Green Screen Film competition has been the core of the festival, honouring the Best Wildlife Films across Europe and offering its nominees exposure within the wildlife film and TV industry. The five-day festival programme includes numerous premieres at different venues in Eckernförde, opening with an official inaugural welcome and culminating with a glamorous awards ceremony. Hundreds of productions are submitted each year for just 16 award categories, win filmmakers vying to win one of the coveted trophies made of Baltic sand from Eckernförde. 
The nominations panel include Managing Director and Production Manager for Nautilusfilm, Melanie Haft, Director and underwater Cinematographer Ulf Marquardt and Green Peace Editor, Sonka Terfehr. The screening will be taking place on Friday, September 14th 2018 at 8pm, at the Galerie 66 , Kieler Str. 78 Eckernförde in Germany. 
Applications are open for the NFTS Directing and Producing Science and Natural History MA until the 13th September and the two year MA starts in January 2019.
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