Hussain Casey-Ahmed: From Production Management Diploma to Disney+! #CareerGoals

Welcome to National Film & Television School #CareerGoals, where we catch up with past students to talk about where they were before they came to the School and where they are now!

Today we hear from Hussain Casey-Ahmed who graduated from our Production Management for Film & Television Diploma in 2010…

What were you doing before you came to the NFTS?

I had completed a Computer Science degree and was working in IT for an accountancy firm. I was completely unsatisfied in my role and could not see a future for myself in this type of work/industry, so I did a short Documentary Course more for interest than anything. I loved the course so much that when I got back to work I immediately started thinking about going back to university to retrain and give film a shot.

How did you find out about the NFTS course?

I was looking for general filmmaking degrees whilst doing unpaid running in my spare time to build experience. I found some great courses but having already completed one degree I was worried that another 3 years on a general filmmaking degree would put me no further ahead than I was already at this point – everything that I read online suggested that even grads had to start on the unpaid running jobs out of uni. I can’t recall exactly how I found out about The National Film & Television School and the Production Management Diploma, but it was exactly what I needed – an intensive year focused purely on the one discipline, with less classroom/theory and more hands on filmmaking and unparalleled bridges to industry.

Hussain with Production Management students Caoimhe Sheehan and Jean de Wild on the set of After Life 2

What have you been doing since graduating?

Since graduating I have worked my way up through Production, starting as Production Runner and progressing my way through the department to Coordinator, Production Manager and then finally Line Producer – my last freelance credit being on After Life Series 3 for Netflix (which ironically brought me back to Beaconsfield for much of the filming which felt quite poignant!) Since AL3 I have been working as Production Executive for Disney+ Star where I have helped to get the department set up and to get the first of the varied slate greenlit, shot and into post-production.

Tell us about your role – what’s a typical day,
what projects have you been working on?

I oversee a slate of projects in development and production for scripted content, primarily in the UK but with some oversight across EMEA, acting as a main point of contact between producers and stakeholders.

Currently I have two projects in post-production at Disney+; Sid Gentle’s Extraordinary, J. Blakeson’s Culprits and a big period drama in early prep. Once I finish at Disney, I am moving on to produce a brand-new comedy series for ITV2 and am very much looking forward to this new chapter in my career.

Students Shane Lim and Vicky Swain shadowing Ricky Gervais shooting AL2 at the NFTS

How has studying at the NFTS helped you in your
journey to your current career?

I gained invaluable experience at the school, coming out of it having made several short films, documentaries, and animations. I gained invaluable insight into the industry through visiting tutors, masterclasses, networking events and work experience and perhaps most importantly, I built a network of contacts in my fellow students and tutors and left the school with a confidence that we were all out there doing our thing and I remain close to those friends and to the school to this day.

What advice would you give to an aspiring NFTS Student?

Go for it – it’s the best thing I ever did! I even met my wife there and now have a baby with her!

Why would you choose the NFTS as a starting
point for a career in production?

For all of the above reasons: You get to spend one year focused purely on your discipline, with less classroom/theory and more hands-on filmmaking and unparalleled bridges to industry. You will gain invaluable insight into the industry through visiting tutors, masterclasses, networking events and work experience and perhaps most importantly you will come away with a network of contacts that will help you throughout your career, as you will help them.

Hussain with NFTS Sound Recording graduate on AL2 set

What’s the last film/TV show you watched
and would like to recommend?

My show Extraordinary for Disney+ which should be out at the end of the year – you will not be disappointed!

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