Frequently described as one of the world’s best underwater cameramen, Doug Allan treated the first and second year Directing and Producing Science and Natural History MA students to a fascinating masterclass.

(Doug with NFTS Directing & Producing Science & Natural History student, Asihan Khang)

Doug has worked at the very peak of wildlife documentary for decades; ever since he bumped into David Attenborough in the Antarctic! He is the recipient of two Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Cinematography for Blue Planet (2001) and Planet Earth (2006). He has also received a TV BAFTA for Blue Planet and was awarded the BAFTA Scotland Craft Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film or Television in 2017.

Doug talked about some of the amazing film shoots he had been on, from living at minus 30C in the Arctic, to diving under Antarctic ice and from filming packs of killer whales attacking seals on ice flows, to swimming in tropical waters with friendly whale sharks. The masterclass covered how to get started in the industry as well and delivered many tips about directing both people and wildlife.

The masterclass was an inspiring and privileged look at how top-end science and wildlife films are made.

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