NFTS Games Design Grads & Students Hit the Headlines

NFTS Games Design & Development MA students and graduates are hitting the headlines once again. Graduate, Ana Ribeiro’s game, Pixel Ripped, which started life as her NFTS graduation game is set for release on May 22nd 2018 on Oculus, HTC Vive, and PS VR.

Ana spoke to Gamespot about the release: "I started this as my final project in university for the master's degree program, and it was at a university more well-known for movies and stuff [National Film and Television School], and then when I put it on Oculus share, it got a lot of press," said Ribeiro. "People seemed to have liked it. It was more of a proof of concept to try and get a job, but then I decided to work on this game and get it a full release. It's been four years altogether. This is the dream. It actually has a lot of my life experiences in the game. I used to be a bad student, throwing paperballs, playing games in the background--it's all from a really personal place. "

Still from Laura Dodds' graduation game, Night Bizarre

Fellow graduate, Laura Dodds received a nomination for the MCV Women in Games 2018 Rising Star of the Year – Development Award, an award that was won by NFTS graduate, Naomi Kotler in 2017. 

Still from Jonathan Nielssen's graduation game, Falling Sky

NFTS Games Design and Development students, Michael Murray and Shane Hou’s game, The Grandfather Machine and Jonathan Nielssen’s graduation game, Falling Sky received nominations for the Grads in Games, Student Game Award.

And finally, Umwelt, a game made by Cupboard Games, which is run by graduates Paul Dillon and Jonathan Hatton and NFTS Co-Ordinator, Tony Evans was selected for the EGX Rezzed Leftfield Collection, an indie showcase 'that shines a light on games and projects that do things a little differently.' 

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