NFTS graduation animation, Inanimate directed by Lucia Bulgheroni and produced by Lennard Ortmann has won both the ‘Jury Award’ in the Graduation Film Category and the ‘Junior Jury for a Graduation Film’ special prize at Annecy Film Festival - Europe’s biggest animation film festival.

The stop frame animation explores puppet Katrine’s quest for truth as she discovers an ethereal and haunting world which plummets around her, in a brilliantly vivid tale of hope, angst, disillusionment and acceptance. Lucia, who graduated from the NFTS Directing Animation MA this year, used Super Sculpey, a material similar to clay that can be baked, to bring puppets Katrine and Patrick to life; delivering a hyper-real, dark and dreamlike quality to the expressive animation film. More than 15 puppets and sets were created for Inanimate, culminating in a blend of live action, pixilation and stop-motion animation and the longest single shot sequence in NFTS animation history.  

Director and Animator, Lucia comments on the creation of Inanimate: ‘The idea came to me with a vision of a soul inside a puppet, suddenly ripping out of its own body to get out. I always resonated with the idea that we are souls, or consciousness, inside bodies who were experiencing life, and then we return to our original form of consciousness.’

Inanimate was also selected for the prestigious Cinéfondation programme at Cannes Festival where it won Third Prize and is a finalist in the BAFTA Student Film Awards for animation and selected in the ‘Mclaren Award for Best New Animation’ at Edinburgh International Film Festival, both later this month.

Founded in 1960 and organised by CITIA, Annecy Festival's aim is to reveal and promote creations by the greatest animation studios as well as young talents. The Graduation Short Category jury included Comic strip author, Pénélope Bagieu, Director Bruno Forzani and Distribution Director Laurence Petit, whilst the Junior Jury were made up of four young students, from the OTTOmani association and Atelier de cinema d’Animation d’Annecy et de Haute-Savoie (AAA).

Inanimate is a stop frame animation film; a style the NFTS is particularly famed for as alumni include Oscar winning, Wallace and Gromit director, Nick Park and Peppa Pig creator, Mark Baker.

The Team:

Lucia Bulgheroni - Director/Animator; Lennard Ortmann – Producer; Drew Eu – Screenwriter; Ronnie Mcquillan – Cinematographer; Kristina Kovacs - Production Designer; Alex Mcardle - Production Manager; Raphael Pereira – Editor; Louise Burton – Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Jose Pavli – Composer; Niall Harty - Cg Lead; Amy Gibson - Lead Compositor; Hugh Howlett - Colourist & Online Editor; zsófi szemerédy, PR and Marketing

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