Congratulations to NFTS Directing Documentary graduate, Yvann Yagchi whose graduation documentary, Acta Non Verba has won a prestigious Grierson Award for Best Student Documentary!

Fawzia Mahmood (Acta Non Verba Producer), Yvann Yagchi (Director) and Aurora Vögeli (Editor)

Additionally, seven NFTS alumni are credited across three further winning categories including Best Arts Documentary, Best Science Documentary and Best Documentary Series making 17 alumni credits in total across the four awards.

The judges described Acta Non Verba as “a masterful piece of filmmaking with a great score (composed by NFTS Composing graduate, Segun Akinola) and more layers than a Russian doll.”

Written, directed and shot by Yvann Yagchi, Acta Non Verba is an exploration of grief and suicide and the relationship between a father and a son. Producer, Fawzia Mahmood; Writers: Fiction, Kerri Davenport-Burton; Cinematography: Fiction, Thomas Doran; Production Manager, Sonia Hoogenstraaten, Production Manaer: Fiction, Daniella Rice; Editor, Aurora Vögeli; Sound Recordist, Hosea Ntaborwa; Sound Editor & Dubbing Mixer, Morgan Muse; Composer, Segun Akinola.)

Two other NFTS graduation documentaries were nominated for the same award including Chomo (directed, shot and produced by Maayan Arad) and Pride In Rags (directed, shot and produced by Tom Whitaker) and this was the seventh year running that the NFTS had the most films selected in student documentary section.

In addition, a further seven NFTS graduates are credited on three winning categories including:

Best Arts Documentary for Paula Rego: Secrets and Stories, which is written, directed and edited by NFTS alumnus, Nick Willing and produced by NFTS alumnus, Michele Camarda. The judges said: “A wonderfully intimate and human film which managed to capture the essence of the artist and their personal life with great art.”

Best Science Documentary for Forces of Nature with Brian Cox Episode 2 (NFTS credits include: Supervising Sound Editor, Jay Price; Sound, Andy Paddon). The judges praised the documentary as “confident and inspiring TV.”

Best Documentary Series for Exodus: Our Journey to Europe (NFTS credits include: Editors, Simon Sykes; Nick Fenton and Sunshine Jackson). The judges described the documentary as: “bold and timeless series offering perspective that was unprecedented in rawness and humanity.”

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