NFTS Grads Create Short Film to Highlight Effects of Climate Change

NFTS Producing MA graduate and BAFTA (Scotland) winning producer Annalise Davis (The Railway Man, Up There), writer Abigail Burdess (Tracey Ullman's Show) and director and NFTS Co-Head of Fiction and NFTS alumna, Lesley Manning (Ghost Watch) along with fellow NFTS graduates, Molly Manning Walker (DoP) and Mdhamiri Nkemi (Editor) and NFTS students, James Bowsher and Amy Vearncombe have created a short film called Seven to highlight the effects of climate change.

The film, which shows a group of seven-year-olds talking about what their future might look like if nothing is done to combat climate change, is being shown in front of every film for a week at The Depot cinema in Lewes, the most sustainable cinema in the world. It has also been released online, garnering over 60,000 views within 48 hours, and attracting audiences from all over the world. The film was produced by Annalise’s company Wilder Films with support from NFTS through the School’s Bridges to Industry scheme.

Annalise Davis said: “We were lucky to have an extremely talented team, of mainly NFTS alumni and students, who came together very quickly to create a beautiful and incredibly moving short, about a subject that clearly means a lot to many people. We are in a climate and ecological emergency, and we need governments to address this, making radical changes that prioritise climate change above all else.”

Abigail Burdess adds: “We have a tiny window in which to force our governments to give us back our futures, and we must use it.”

Cast and Crew: Annalise Davis; Producer, Wilder Films; Writer, Abigail Burdess; Director, Lesley Manning; Director of Photography, Molly Manning Walker; Editor, Mdhamiri Nkemi; Composer, Homay Schmitz; Sound Recordist, Gus Puczyniec; Boom Operator, Griff Miles; Original Music Performed by, Homay Schmitz; Associate Producer, James Bowsher; Production Manager, Amy Vearncombe

Starring: Isra Ahmed; Safia Ahmed; Grace Campbell; Annabel Cross; James Dowling; Carla Fernandez; Harry Langton; Ellenor Markenstam; Darsh Patel