NFTS Graphics Student Creates Udderly Amazing Glastonbury Infographic!

NFTS Motion Graphics and Titles Diploma student, Ellie Rimell has created a moo-verllous infographic and tribute to the cows who live at Worthy Farm, the site of the famous Glastonbury festival, which takes place from the 26th to the 30th June this year. The music accompanying the infographic is scored by NFTS Composing MA student, Alastair McNamara. We caught up with Ellie to find out why she chose to focus on the bovine residents for her project.

Tell us about your Glastonbury infographic? As part of our course we were set the task of creating infographics based on the ten facts on a chosen subject and having been lucky enough to attend Glastonbury over the past few years, I couldn’t have thought of a better subject to choose! I love using graphics to tell a story, and really wanted to tell the story of the festival from a different perspective, focusing on the dairy farm at the heart of this incredible event.

Where did the inspiration come from to focus on the cows’ story? Glastonbury is renowned for its music, but behind the scenes there is so much going on and I really wanted to explore this further. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have experienced the festival, and one of the wonderful aspects about it is that it’s a working farm! Everywhere you look, from the Wi-Fi cows at the charging tent, to the early morning sound of the tractors delivering milk to the campers, the farm really is the heart of this festival. From this, I was inspired to research further into the other headline acts, the cows. 

What do you hope Emily Eavis thinks of it? I absolutely loved exploring the other side to the festival and putting the cows centre stage. I very much hope that she gets as much enjoyment watching the animation, as I had making it!

What techniques did you use to put the piece together? Initially I storyboarded the narrative, exploring how I could give the cows their own personalities. After sketching up a few boards, I continued to develop my scenes and characters in Adobe Illustrator. My aim was to create a 2D design with depth, adding textures and gradients to different aspects in each scene - it was then time to start animating! To bring the scenes to life, I used Adobe After Effects to animate each frame, whilst continuing to develop each transition to help advance the story. Once the animating was complete, I collaborated with a great composer, fellow NFTS student, Alastair McNamara, who created a fantastic score to really emphasise the overall tone of the narrative! I then used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and sync the voiceover, before finally applying the score to the animation.

Have you been to Glastonbury before and if so, what was your highlight? I’ve been so lucky to have been able to attend the festival from 2014 to 2018! With it taking place in June, it’s always been the perfect way to celebrate the end of each academic year with friends. What I love about the festival is all of the places you discover as you explore! My main highlight has to be the closing day at The Pyramid Stage in 2014. We stayed in the crowd for hours enjoying all of the artists perform, before Kasabian’s incredible headline set to close the festival! It was our first time at Glastonbury and it couldn’t have been a better way to end the event!

I’ve made so many lifelong memories at Glastonbury and I’ve loved being able to create project about this fantastic festival! 

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