(NFTS Graphics & Titles Diploma students L-R: Ibu Taiwo, Munira Ali, Xanthe Bodington and Shirin Asil)

Students on the NFTS Graphics and Titles for Film and Television Diploma benefit from a four week work placement at Europe’s biggest design house at Sky. We caught up with the students - Ibu Taiwo, Munira Ali, Shirin Asil and Xanthe Bodington - and Sky’s Creative Director, (Design), Ceri Sampson to find out more.

Ceri: “We wanted the students to leave with their own title sequence and do something close to what they would do in the industry and have a real chance of it actually going live. We set them a real live brief for newspaper review show, Sunday Supplement and split them up. They went away for a week to work up their individual ideas and then pitched them back to me and the senior team. We gave each of the students constructive feedback and then picked the winning idea which the whole team then worked up and is in production on now. This was a great experience for the students as a big part of the job is selling something in and getting it over the line. You need to be passionate and get others to enthuse and believe in your idea.”

How has the Sky work experience been so far?

Munira: “It's been great so far, we have had the opportunity to work closely with producers and designers, who were very generously giving us industry tips and advice along the way which was extremely helpful. Working at Sky helped me understand more of what to expect when I start working in a similar environment.”

Ibukunoluwa: “The one-month internship at Sky was one of the incentives that attracted me to apply for the NFTS Graphics and Titles Diploma and it has absolutely been worthwhile. I now have a better insight into the Industry I will be entering after graduating. I am really grateful for the opportunity.”

Xanthe: “My experience at Sky has been a great one. It's taught me some invaluable lessons about gaining insight into working in the corporate world as well as in the fast paced creative industry. We have had some very good mentors who received my work positively and made me feel proud of what I was able to achieve in such a short time here at Sky.

Shirin: “Sky work experience has been amazing and very useful for me. It was great to see how professional designers work on real world projects.”

What have the highlights been and what are the key things that you have learned during it?

(An example of some of the graphics and titles the team worked on at Sky)

Munira: “Meeting the senior designers and producers having a look at the process of a whole project from start to finish, also visiting the different departments and speaking to the designers in different departments, as well as having our presentation in the hub made it feel all serious just like it would be in the real world. I have learnt that a single project can go through many departments and can be started by one person and finished through 10 other people, it's all about team work, time management and being organised. As well as being able to communicate with others as it’s a vital key when working in such a busy environment.”

Shirin: ”My highlight has been learning how to pitch and develop an idea and then collaborate with other designers to execute it.”

Ibukunoluwa: “We were given the task to work on a title sequence for the Sunday Supplement Sports Show. It has not only been interesting but it has also enabled me to understand the industry standard processes of making a title sequence from idea conceptualization and pitching to execution and has also updated my knowledge on terms used in the creative industry”.

Xanthe: “A highlight for me was being invited to a design forum where designers from Sky presented and talked about projects they had just finished or were working on. This was really interesting as it showed their thought process from the start, from getting the brief to end execution, as well as seeing the different departments and how they applied their design skills.  The best thing I have taken from my experience is that I learnt how to pitch for the first time and received constructive feedback and inside tips from designers at Sky. I am confident I can apply these new developed skills to my practice at NFTS and outside”. 

Applications are open now until November 23rd for the full-time, 12 month Diploma, which is delivered in partnership with Sky and the course starts in January 2018. Apply at www.nfts.co.uk/graphics