Nominations have been announced for this year’s Royal Television Society (RTS) Student Television Awards and the NFTS leads the way in the postgraduate categories with an incredible 19 nominations overall. These include eight nominations for graduation programmes and films in the Animation; Comedy and Entertainment; Drama; and Factual categories plus two nominations in the Short Feature category for projects made by NFTS students as part of the annual Kodak Student Commercial Awards. NFTS graduation projects take up all three nominations in the Postgraduate Comedy and Entertainment Category meaning that NFTS students are guaranteed a win! In addition there are nine nominations in the craft categories, which include camerawork, production design, sound design and editing.

Chaired by Philip Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Arts, the awards recognise the best audiovisual work created by students across the UK and Republic of Ireland at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

NFTS Nominations Include:

Postgraduate Animation

Poles Apart - directed by Paloma Baeza and produced by Ser En Low

Postgraduate Comedy & Entertainment

Comeback Kid - directed by Ian Robertson

Against All Odds - directed by Jamie Minty and produced by Lucy Smith 


Saving Faith - directed by John Higgins and produced by Alex Dizer

Postgraduate Drama

Wild Horses - directed by Rory A Stewart and produced by Rebecca Smith

Come Out Of The Woods - directed by Jonny Blair and produced by Holly Carrington

Postgraduate Factual

A Secrets Act: The Double Life of Ian MacKintosh - direced by Andrew Tullis

Acta Non Verba - directed by Yvann Yagchi

Postgraduate Short Feature

Cupid - directed by Ian Robertson

(behind the scenes photo from the making of Christmas Tree)

Christmas Tree - directed by Meg Campbell

In addition, to reward excellence in craft skills, undergraduate and postgraduate awards will be presented for camerawork, editing, production design and sound. Entries are not accepted for these categories and the prizes will be awarded at the judges’ discretion. One winning student will also receive the newly introduced Judges’ Award.

Craft Awards:

Camerawork - Jon Muschamp is nominated for his work on both Comeback Kid and Poles Apart.

Editing - Zsófia Tálas is nominated for her work on Comeback Kid and Poles Apart.

Production Design - Ana Martínez Fernández is nominated for Comback Kid; Tom Coxon for Come Out of the Woods and Paula Giménez for Poles Apart.

Sound Design - Michalianna Theofanopoulou is nomianted for Comeback Kid and Morgan Muse for Poles Apart.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony on Friday 22 June at the BFI Southbank. For more information visit: