NFTS Production Management Alumna Reveals the Story Behind Her Successful Career

“Everyone wants to hire an NFTS Production Management graduate as they have the practical, on the ground experience”

We caught up with NFTS Production Management for Film and Television Diploma alumna, Kasia Malipan to find out what she has been doing since graduating and how she developed her career from Production Co-ordinator to Line Producer. 

Kasia: “I was lucky as my first job after leaving the NFTS was Co-ordinating on a low budget feature film rather than starting as a Runner or an Assistant. I chose to focus on independent cinema as I like working in a small team where it’s all hands on deck and you tend to have a much broader scope of work. It was very hard work with long hours and at times I doubted if I wanted to continue. But I was lucky to meet good contacts while I was there and moved on to doing a half million pounds feature and then a million pounds feature”.

“I freelanced PM’d for a couple of years on projects like Southcliffe and Babylon and the Line Producer on Southcliffe bumped me up to my first Production Manager role. I graduated from the NFTS in 2011 and was doing my first Production Manager role by the second half of 2012. By this time I was working with an experienced and well-resourced team and it was much more enjoyable!”

Still: Southcliffe

“I then took a maternity cover in-house job at Film4 with the small production team. I was there for 18 months and oversaw projects such as Free Fire and How to Talk to Girls at Parties. It was that experience that enabled me to make a leap up in my career. The time I spent at Film4 was invaluable as I learnt about what happens on the other side of the production. I came out of Film4 having met so many producers and Line Produced my first film – Old Boys - straight afterwards, which had a budget of £2 million and is almost complete now.

On what she loves about her Job, Kasia said: “It’s super rewarding to see the final product, no matter what difficulties you go through. It’s very satisfying to see what comes out of it. Meeting people is great too and you develop some relationships that you really cherish. I also like the rhythm of working as a freelancer and the ups and downs of the intensity. You get to decide when to work and when not to.”

Still: Free Fire

The benefits of the NFTS Production Management for Film and Television School Diploma are many according to Kasia: “The course helped me with my career very much. Before the course, I didn’t know where to start. It helped build my understanding of the UK film industry and the contacts I made during the course helped me a lot at the time. The course is always kept up to date and evolves as the industry does. I have been invited to contribute to the course advisory panel, which I am very keen to do as I think this effort to keep everything up to date is very good.”

“The course has a great reputation with the industry; everyone wants to hire an NFTS Production Management graduate as they have the practical, on the ground experience. When I compared the course to others, the NFTS Diploma had so much on the curriculum and so many resources, so it definitely came out on top.”

Since this interview, Kasia has Line Produced synchronised-swimming comedy, Swimming With Men, which stars Rob Brydon, co-produced The Nest for Element Pictures, BBC Films and FilmNation and is currently co-producing Dream Horse for Raw, Film4, Ingenious and Warner Brothers.

Still: Swimming With Men

Kasia’s parting word of advice was: “It pays off to work hard as you quickly meet those who appreciate it and recognise talent and eagerness. It’s so busy in the industry at the moment. There is definitely a shortage of people so it’s definitely worth applying if you are looking to build a career in Production Management.”

If you are interested in Production Management as a career, find out more here!

Applications are open until 7th July 2019 to start in September 2019.