NFTS Sound Design MA graduate, Steve Bond has won ‘Best Sound Design’ at this year’s Audio Production Awards, which recognise and celebrate outstanding achievement in audio and radio production.

The ‘Best Sound Design/ Engineer’ award celebrates sound designers and engineers at the top of their game who capture the atmosphere of musical performances in concerts, festivals and studios or exceptionally engineer a studio recording.

The judges said of Steve who won the GOLD award: "This is a sound designer who is pushing the boundaries of our listening experience. Through a range of examples, they created evocative, powerful scenes and an intense and intimate internal experience. The extracts made pictures in our minds which stayed long after the sounds had gone. This is a work of a master of the craft."

Steve Bond said: “It’s a huge honour to win Best Sound Designer at this year’s Audio Production Awards. I've had the pleasure to work with so many talented directors and producers over the last few years on an amazing variety of different radio and audio projects, and it's great to have this recognition of all the work that everyone has put in!”