#NFTS Stories: “Being at NFTS helped me become more disciplined and a better designer.”

Welcome to our next NFTS story, a series of blogs featuring our alumni talking about where they were before they came to the School and where they are now (follow the series by using the #NFTSStories hashtag across Twitter and Instagram). Xanthe graduated from the new Graphics and Titles for Film and Television Diploma in 2018 and is now working as a Junior Motion Graphic Designer for Empire Studios.

What were you doing before applying to the NFTS? Before coming to the NFTS I had just graduated from my undergrad at Robert Gordon's University in Communication Design in Aberdeen, Scotland. After graduating I had the opportunity to travel to Calgary in Canada for a 3-month creative travel award to do animation and graphic design with QuickDraw animation society. It was while I was there that a friend passed on information about the Graphics and Titles course at the NFTS as she knew it was something I had expressed interest in before.  

What are you doing now? I have just started as a Junior Motion Graphic Designer for Empire Studios working on major Hollywood trailers and designing title cards and graphics for up-and-coming films and TV shows. It's amazing to be at the heart of this as the films are in post-production it means my work can influence the visual identity of the film. 

How has studying at the NFTS helped you in your journey to your current career? Being at the NFTS has helped me immensely by working on multiple projects, some to tight deadlines, and working with different departments. It helped me become more disciplined and a better designer and to be critical of my own work. Having the placement with Sky as part of the course also helped give me experience in a working environment. I also got my new job through the NFTS Graduation Screenings as on the industry night someone from the company came along and invited me for an interview after seeing my work at the screening. 

What advice would you give to an aspiring NFTS student? Do as much as you can while at NFTS. Don't over stretch yourself but really dive in and push your boundaries. The school is amazingly supportive and has your back for you to grow and make mistakes that you necessarily wouldn't have the opportunity to in the working world. 

Reach out to other departments you wouldn't normally work with as it can produce some really interesting projects and be respectful of other students’ schedules and be realistic with what is achievable. You are all still students and just starting out. Also back up your work online. Always. Back. Up. 

If you were stranded on a desert island, which film, TV boxset or video game would you take?

If I was stranded on a desert island, I'd take the game Splatoon with me to play. 

Applications for the Graphics and Titles for Film and Television Diploma are open until 7th July 2019 to start in Jan 2020 – sign up at www.nfts.co.uk/graphics