(Marika Santala, Director, The Love Gym with her RTS Student Award)

NFTS students have once again done us proud winning no fewer than seven RTS Student Television Awards! Prizes were won in Comedy & Entertainment; Drama; Factual; Camerawork; Editing; Production Design and Sound. There were an incredible 20 NFTS nominations overall. (If you would like to follow in our winners’ footsteps, apply now for MA’s in Directing & Producing Television Entertainment; Directing Animation and Production Design.)

The ceremony took place on Friday 16th of June at the BFI Southbank in London and was chaired by Philip Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Arts and hosted by the very funny, writer, presenter and comedian, Katherine Ryan.

The awards recognise the best audiovisual work created by students across the UK and Republic of Ireland at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Awards are judged in Animation, Comedy & Entertainment, Drama, Factual, News and Short Feature. Excellence is also rewarded in craft skills for camerawork, editing, production design and sound.

The winners:

Postgraduate Comedy & Entertainment

The Love Gym, Raphael Beaulieu (Producer) and Marika Santala (Director)

 “A great concept, brilliantly executed. Being character led rather than overtly scripted meant the right balance of charm, naughtiness and naturalism. The jury wanted to watch more!”

Postgraduate Drama

Ferris & The Fancy Pigeon, James Gardner (Director/ Writer) and Helene Sifre (Producer)

“An uplifting, heart-warming coming of age comedy; mixing grounded, kitchen-sink style drama with heightened moments and flights of fancy.”

Postgraduate Factual

Uprooted, Ross Domoney (Director/ Producer/ Cinematographer)

 “A beautifully crafted film that demonstrated a real understanding of how personal stories, powerfully told, can be used to shine a light on a wider political issue.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Camerawork

Krzysztof Trojnar, Mia

“The jury admired the beauty of composition and how every shot seemed to have been carefully considered.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Editing

Dennis Mabry, The Sunflower Inn

“With no resorting to voiceover, the edit managed to deliver great clarity of storytelling and hugely contributed to the joy and warmth of the film.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Production Design

Joelle Aoun, Mia

“The production design was quietly effective in creating a distinct and clear vision for the film and was integral to its success.”

Postgraduate Craft Skills - Sound

Eleanor Nicholls, Mia

“Sound was used very effectively in bringing to life the world of the film. Bold choices such as the use of silence at times were greatly admired by the jury.”

More information on how to apply for MA’s in Directing & Producing Television Entertainment; Directing Animation and Production Design at https://www.nfts.co.uk/sign-me-up/deadlines

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