NFTS TV Entertainment Students to Assist with Royal Wedding & BBC Biggest Weekend Broadcast Coverage

Seven NFTS Directing and Producing Television Entertainment MA students are heading off to BBC Studios for work placements as part of their course this month. They will be assisting on a wide range of programmes and live events in the ‘Entertainment & Music’ and ‘Factual Entertainment & Events’ departments at BBC Studios including the Royal Wedding and Biggest Weekend coverage plus new studio entertainment and game show formats and music documentaries.

Daniell Morrisey, BBC Studios’ Head of Talent, Entertainment & Music/ Factual Entertainment & Events explained: “The NFTS TV Entertainment students will be helping with a range of exciting projects over four weeks. Each student will be mentored by the talent team and will have the opportunity to make lots of useful contacts.”

Daniell and the talent team meet the students early on and throughout their time at the NFTS to give feedback on their pitch reels and activities such as the TV Entertainment department’s annual live streamed multi-camera TV studio magazine show.

On why his team invest so much time with the NFTS students, Daniell said: “It’s about identifying the up-and-coming talent of the future and developing the pool of future development researchers, assistant producers and down the line, producers and directors. Because TV Entertainment is multi-genre we need people from the format game show end to factual entertainment and live events. In fact, we have several NFTS TV Entertainment graduates working with us now. It’s a delight to work with such a diverse group of young up-and-coming talent.”

And on the importance of NFTS having a course focussed on TV Entertainment, Daniell said: “This course does a great job of giving the students a thorough grounding in understanding and learning the format and what works and what doesn’t. The golden egg is finding the next big Saturday night show and getting there is all about development. You can have lots of great ideas but until you can format them into something that works, they won’t get off the ground. By having this unique exposure to the industry with feedback and advice, the NFTS students are in a great position by the time they graduate with regards to building a career in the TV Entertainment business.”


  • Jared will be assisting the entertainment development team working on game show development, pitching, designing games and tasks and taster tapes.
  • Crystabel will be helping the factual entertainment development team. She will be brainstorming, writing pitches and treatments and helping to cut tasters.
  • Pamela will be with a team developing a new studio entertainment show, as well as assisting with the BBC Biggest Weekend coverage.
  • Jenny will be experiencing music documentary content development through helping with a David Bowie documentary and the Meltdown Festival on the Southbank.
  • Will is helping the live events team with the Royal Wedding and Trooping of the Colour coverage.
  • Gemma will be assisting with the BBC Biggest Weekend coverage and using her Italian skills to help with planning music documentary, Vivaldi, Venice and Violins
  • Lavinia is going to work with the small but fast paced BBC3 Development team. She will be brainstorming ideas and creating social media content with the team who produce and develop content for BBC3.

For more information about the Directing and Producing Television Entertainment MA, please visit - applications are open for 2019 intake until September 13th