NFTS:DEV - Welcome To Our Virtual Games Expo

Welcome to our booth at the first ever virtual NFTS games expo NFTS:DEV! Since our Games Design MA ( second year students were unable to showcase their eagerly anticipated games at annual events like EGX (Check out our students at EGX last year: and Develop: Brighton, we’ll be previewing them here on the NFTS blog and across our social channels instead.

Below is a sneak peek into each student’s work-in-progress graduation games. The running theme of the second year of the course is: ‘one year, one student, one game.’ Each project is testament to the sheer amount of incredible hard work, attention to detail and creative storytelling our students have dedicated to their craft.

2015 graduate Ana Ribeiro worked tirelessly on her graduation game Pixel Ripped which has since enjoyed a successful commercial release with the game available to buy on Playstation, Steam, Oculus and PSVR via Other graduation games on their way to commercial release include Off Grid  ( and Obviously Inappropriate Content (

If you’re thinking of applying to the NFTS Games Design MA, we hope you enjoy this insight into the type of projects you could create should you become a student of the course!

Student: Annabelle Afful | Game: City 80

"City 80 is a first person narrative game. In 2161, 48 million people disappeared from the city, but only two remained: Leto Nagata and her grandfather Bivo, who left shortly after the tragedy. Leto must go back to City 80 to complete her grandfather's work and find the truth."

Stills of game showing futuristic hologram person and room
Stills from City 80

Student: Kamal Shaddad | Game: Tales from the Rift

Tales from the Rift is a third person adventure game set in a Japanese forest inspired by an ancient folklore. Kaida, a Koro-pok-guru is searching for her missing friend Hitoshi who went missing the night before. Unbeknownst to her, Hitoshi was abducted by an old drunkard of a Dai-Tengu, a mountain demi-god whose heart has been corrupted and is now consumed with greed. Run, climb and hide from the Dai-Tengu as you try and save your friend from his evil clutches in this prologue to a greater game idea.”

Still from game showing a forest landscape and inside of a cabin
Stills from Tales from the Rift

We welcome students from a range of backgrounds and from all walks of life – recent students have included a neuroscientist, a kickboxing instructor and a copy-writer. Games development experience is welcome, but by no means essential – many of our students have come to the course with no games or technical experience at all. All you need is a passion for games, a creative spark and a willingness to learn new skills.

Student: Ricky Chitara | Game: The Klexos

“There are great inequalities between Exemplum’s inhabitants. Some appear weaker than the others; fewer gadgets adorn their bodies and they wear shabby, tattered, clothing. Their faces are tired and lined as they shuffle along with their heads lowered. Others appear youthful and energetic as they stride along the pavements without a care in the world. These are the chosen few, The Klexos.”


Stills from game showing character in snowy environment and inside a club
Stills from The Klexos

Student: Jonathan Palframan | Game: Outcast: Exile

Outcast: Exile is a stealth game where the player must utilise their power to teleport in order to infiltrate an ancient mountainside temple, occupied by a malicious monk brotherhood. Once inside, they must navigate their way to the innermost shrine, where they will find a necklace that has enabled the monks to control the world.”

Stills from grad game showing character in various scenarios
Stills from Outcast: Exile

Our two-year Games Design and Development MA has a ‘games innovation’ ethos, giving you the opportunity to make games in a unique environment, collaborating with students from across the School – from composers and sound designers to marketing and distribution students – learning not only how to create games, but how to release them and promote them across indie games and Triple-A.

Student: Tianze Song | Game: The Free Will

"The Free Will is a third person, 3D game for PC platform. The concept is that human beings are controlled by nature from beginning to end. Our bodies, our desires, and even our thoughts are controlled by our organisms. Sometimes I think, is my will really free? What will happen to my will if my body changes? If intelligent creatures are no longer constrained by the body, what will the society looks like?"

Stills from grad game showing character underwater in a marine environment
Stills from The Free Will

The Games Design MA covers practical knowledge of games software development and provides the ability to experiment with evolving technologies and techniques. Every student gets access to high-spec gaming systems and related tools. They work on both solo and group projects, with plenty of opportunities to experiment, innovate and excel – with all production costs for development met by the School.

Stay tuned for more games to be added to the NFTS Games Virtual Expo Booth soon! #NFTSDEV

Places are still available on the NFTS Games Design & Development MA, so if you're interesting in learning how to make games like the ones we've featured here then go to to start your application today!

Application deadline is 30 November to start January 2021.