This year’s NFTS Graduation Showcase, sponsored by Netflix, is shaping up to be very exciting indeed.

There is a month of events including three days of screenings and presentations at Picturehouse Central from February 25th to the 27th as well are dedicated showcases for Writing and Producing Comedy, Television Entertainment, Screenwriting and Production Design. Screenings and presentations taking place at Picturehouse Central include Fiction; Documentary; Animation; Science and Natural History; Television Entertainment; Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition; Film Studies, Programming and Curation; Sports Production; Games Design and Development; Commercials and Creative Producing for Digital Platforms.

Here’s a glimpse into the animations we have on show this year:

A Bird With No Legs: James cannot process the loss of his wife and is lost in an isolated, oppressive, and dissonant world. His son, Theo, plays the songs he needs hear to overcome his emotional and musical block, and put their world back in harmony.

The Team: Director Nicolas Cinelli, Producer Ludovico Zanette, Screenwriter Karim Khan, Cinematographer Michael Filocamo, Production Designer Miryam Jacomini, Production Manager Carla Tarnawski, Editor Sighvatur Kristinsson, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Ben Goodall, Composer Thomas Ross Fitzsimons, Marketing and PR Dina Elkordy, Model Makers Ellen Carnegie, Angus Choy, Alastair Fleming, Emma Hodgson, Thanos Kantzavelos, Harry Saxon, Melissa Tague, Becky Weston, CG Lead Jan Karnowski, CG Artists Ashleigh Ramirez-Cintron,  Liam Wedge, Lead Compositor Cécile Ceppi, Compositor Ysabel King, Colourist And Online Editor Liz Glennard

Almost There: On an everyday train journey quite unlike any other, a not-so-casual observer goes to extreme lengths to avoid other passengers, a giant baby runs away from his parents, a romantic woman starts an ill-fated relationship with a cuckoo, and a naïve boy discovers that some problems can’t be fixed by pictures of unicorns.

The Team: Director Nelly Michenaud, Producers Kate Phibbs, Nathanael Baring, Screenwriter Tim Dees, Cinematographer Alana Mejia Gonzalez, Production Designer Theo Boswell, Production Manager Julia Jendrysik, Editor Celina Øier, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Ioannis Spanos, Composer Adam Price, Lead Animator Richard Farris, Model Makers Angus Choy, Alastair Fleming, Thanos Kantzavelos, Lisa Ott, Harry Saxon, Melissa Tague, Becky Weston, CG Lead Ysabel King, Colourist and Online Editor Liz Glennard

Heatwave: In the midst of a searing heatwave, two little children find a way to cool everyone down.

The Team: Director/Writer Fokion Xenos, Producer Priya K. Dosanjh, Cinematographer Brendan Freedman, Production Designer Antonio Niculae, Production Manager Joseph Phillips, Editor Stella Heath Keir, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Kevin Langhamer, Composer Andreas Gutuen Aaser, Marketing and PR Alexandre Ermakov, Model Makers Thanos Kantzavelos, Harry Saxon, Colourist And Online Editor Liz Glennard

Listen to me Sing: A miserable hotel performer learns to express herself when she falls in love with a walrus.

The Team: Director/Lead Animator Isabel Garrett, Producer Emily Everdee, Screenwriters Rosamund Attwood & Lydia Rynne, Cinematographer Daniel Morgan, Production Designer Tessa Flanagan, Production Manager Megan Randle, Editor Chloe Hardwick, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer, Adam Shuttleworth, Composer Stephanie Taylor, Model Makers Oliver Arnell Argles, Ellen Carnegie, Alastair Fleming, Emma Hodgson, Lisa Ott, Harry Saxon, Melissa Tague

Mother's Ruin: Set in gin-soaked Georgian London, 'Mother's Ruin' is a hand-drawn, 2D animated anti-musical that tells the story of how a 12-year-old Bill Sykes turned from an innocent child, into the infamous monster first seen in Charles Dicken's 'Oliver Twist'.

The Team: Director/Lead Animator Frank Burgess, Producer Tom Dexter, Screenwriters Dan Braham, Mark Wale, Cinematography Advisor Sara Pantoli, Production Designer, James Reading, Production Manager Hannah Cole, Editor Jamie King, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer, Adam Douglas Jones, Composer Roshan Gunga, CG Lead Paul Robinson, CG Artists Leonardo Bonomi Tarani, Cheng Zeng Lead Compositor Mark Graham, Colourist And Online Editor Andrea Lo Priore


One Liner: Ian Plinth, best known as the unfunny half of a comedy double act form the 1970s, attempts to make his solo comeback on board a cruise liner.

The Team: Director/Writer/Animator Matthew Lee, Producer Teodora Shaleva, Cinematographer Molly Manning-Walker, Production Designer Lauren Taylor, Production Manager Palma Derzsi, Editor Mirjam Jegorov, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Edward A. Guy, Composer Rachael Philip, Marketing and PR Alex Chronopoulos, Model Makers Oliver Arnell Argles, Ellen Carnegie, Angus Choy, Alastair Fleming, Thanos Kantzavelos, Lisa Ott, Harry Saxon, Melissa Tague, Becky Weston, Lead Compositor Mark Graham, Colourist and Online Editor Michael Pearce

Solar Plexus: Noah has not accepted the death of his mother, an astronaut. In order to move on, he must break the umbilical cord that still connects them.

The Team: Director/Lead Animator David McShane, Producer Paida Mutonono, Screenwriter Jessica Sinyard Cinematographer Lily Grimes, Production Designer Qingling Zhang, Production Manager Lisa Killeen, Editor Francesco Cibati, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Inês Adriana, Composer Will Turner, Marketing and PR Diyana Zaykova, Model Makers Oliver Arnell Argles, Ellen Carnegie, Angus Choy, Alastair Fleming, Emma Hodgson, Thanos Kantzavelos, Lisa Ott, Harry Saxon, Melissa Tague, Becky Weston, Colourist and Online Editor Michael Pearce 

The Fire Next Time: As the rioting spreads and looters push police lines back, the shadows in the housing estate and high street grow longer and the oppressive environment takes on a life of its own. A young mum stresses out about her benefits, a struggling father has a barney with security guards at the Job Centre and teenagers grow angry with the police who dog their every move. 

The Team: Director/Lead Animator Renaldho Pelle, Producer Yanling Wang, Screenwriter Kerry Kolbe, Cinematographer  Fabio Mota, Production Designer  Nicola Sadori, Production Manager Stephanie Faucher,Editor Robin Whalley, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer, Jose Pablo Ramirez, Composer Marisa Cornford, Lead CG Liam Wedge, Model Makers Oliver Arnell Argles, Ellen Carnegie, Angus Choy, Alastair Fleming, Emma Hodgson, Thanos Kantzavelos, Harry Saxon, Lead Compositor Ysabel King, Compositors Miya Shen, Lesley Cai Colourist and Online Editor Michael Pearce

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