This year’s NFTS Graduation Showcase, sponsored by Netflix, is shaping up to be very exciting indeed.

There is a month of events including three days of screenings and presentations at Picturehouse Central from February 25th to the 27th as well are dedicated showcases for Writing and Producing Comedy, Television Entertainment, Screenwriting and Production Design. Screenings and presentations taking place at Picturehouse Central include Fiction; Documentary; Animation; Science and Natural History; Television Entertainment; Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition; Film Studies, Programming and Curation; Sports Production; Games Design and Development; Commercials and Creative Producing for Digital Platforms.

Here’s a glimpse into the fictions we have on show this year:

Azaar: A coming of age story set amongst a small mountainous tribe of women in 19th century South Asia. Azaar tells the story of a spirited young girl who yearns to wear a veil and become a woman, despite the costs this may entail.

The Team: Director/Screenwriter Myriam Raja, Producer Nathanael Baring, Cinematographer Michael Filocamo, Assistant Directors Oliver Brown, Yelena Guillen Ortega, Production Designer Lauren Taylor, Production Manager Julia Jendrysik, Editor Stella Heath Keir,Production Sound Mixer Chi Limpiroj, 1st Assistant Sound Robert Wynne, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Ben Goodall, Composer Roshan Gunga, CG Lead Ysabel King, Colourist And Online Editor Liz Glennard 

Misconduct: Annie and Daniel are a miserable middle-aged professional couple who want what they can't have - but this doesn't stop them pursuing their goals via any selfish, unsavoury means possible.

The Team: Director George Graham, Producer Tom Dexter, Screenwriters Rosamund Attwood, Tim Dees Cinematographer Fabio Mota, Production Designer James Reading, Production Manager Alana O’Neil, Editor Chloe Hardwick, Production Sound Mixer Bálint Csáki, 1st Assistant Sound Yuanbo (Robert) Chen Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Ioannis Spanos, Composer Adam Price, Lead Compositor Roxana Loncea Compositors Nicola Borsari, Cécile Ceppi, Ysabel King, Colourist Liz Glennard, Online Editor Andrea Lo Priore

November 1st: A mother and daughter travel across state to witness a long-overdue execution.

The Team: Director/Screenwriter Charlie Manton Producer Teodora Shaleva, Cinematographer Molly Manning Walker, Production Designer Theo Boswell, Production Manager Madeleine Sara, Editor Celina Øier, Production Sound Mixer Carys Ellis, 1st Assistant Sound Ryan Beauchamp, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Edward A. Guy Composer Thomas Ross Fitzsimons, CG Lead Paul Robinson, CG Artists Roxana Loncea, Jan Karnkowski, Beatrice Mikulskyte, Lead Compositor Ysabel King

Ruth: Whilst her husband slips further into his latest obsession, Ruth channels all her energy into the family business - a successful B&B on the beach. When birthday plans with their son begin to derail, Ruth must finally confront her own unhappiness.

The Team: Director/Screenwriter Jonathan Choo Producer Priya K. Dosanjh Cinematographer Sara Pantoli, Assistant Directors Sarah Arzoine Laurent, Bob Aronds, Georgina Cox, Production Designer Nicola Sadori Production Manager Stephanie Faucher Editor Francesco Cibati, Production Sound Mixer Robert Wynne 1st Assistant Sound Chris Morris, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer, Adam Douglas Jones, Composer Rachael Philip, Compositor Ysabel King, Colourist Liz Glennard, Online Editor Michael Pearce

Salt: When the father of a family goes into hospital for a routine operation, the scattered members of the family gather, and spend a rare evening together. Tensions begin to surface, and after one sibling’s secret is revealed the two young people confront each other openly for the first time.

The Team: Director /Co-Screenwriter Raphael Chipperfield Producer Ludovico Zanette, Cinematographer Brenden Freedman Production Designer Antonio Niculae Production Manager Dagmara Plazewska Editor Robin Whalley, Production Sound Mixer Chris Morris, 1st Assistant Sound Chi Limpiroj, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer, Jose Pablo Ramirez, Composer Marisa Cornford, Colourist and Online Editor Andrea Lo Priore

The Phoenix: A lifelong friendship is rekindled when Martha's elderly mother dies and Gloria decides to accompany Martha on a final trip aboard The Phoenix, the similarly ageing canal boat Martha grew up on, to the boat yard where she plans to sell it.

The Team: Director/Screenwriter Alice Seabright, Producers Kate Phibbs, Paida Mutonono, Cinematographer Alana Mejia Gonzalez, Assistant Directors Jeroen Bogaert, Bob Aronds, Production Designer Tessa Flanagan, Production Manager Elisa De Pasquale, Editor Jamie King, Production Sound Mixer Ben Band, Composer Stephanie Taylor, CG Lead Liam Wedge, Lead Compositor Ysabel King, Colourist Liz Glennard, Online Editor Andrea Lo Priore, 1st Assistant Sound Bálint Csáki, Sound Designer Adam Shuttleworth, Dubbing Mixer Edward A. Guy

The Pregnant Ground: A woman's emotional journey after her miscarriage.

The Team: Director/Screenwriter Haolu Wang, Producer Yanling Wang, Cinematographer Sara Pantoli, Assistant Directors Sarah Arzoine Laurent, Georgina Cox, Production Designer Qingling Zhang, Production Manager Lisa Killeen, Editor Mirjam Jegorov, Production Sound Mixer Yuanbo (Robert) Chen 1st Assistant Sound Ben Band, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Inês Adriana, Composer Andreas Gutuen Aaser, Special Prop Maker Lisa Ott, CG Lead Cheng Zeng, CG Artist Ed Turvey, Lead Compositor Ysabel King Compositor Cécile Ceppi, Colourist Liz Glennard, Online Editor Michael Pearce  

We Have Everywhere to Go: An embittered intellectual's plan to steal a case of drugs and start a new life for himself are thwarted by the arrival of his ambitious yet naïve nephew, who has travelled to London for his first audition out of drama school.

The Team: Director/Screenwriter Ben Hunter Producer Emily Everdee, Cinematographer Daniel Morgan, Assistant Directors Oliver Brown, Yelena Guillen Ortega, Stephanie Bradshaw Production Designer Miryam Jacomini Production Manager Palma Derzsi, Editor Sighvatur Kristinsson, Production Sound Mixer Ryan Beauchamp 1st Assistant Sound Carys Ellis, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer, Kevin Langhamer, Composer Will Turner, Editor Sighvatur Kristinsson

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