This year’s NFTS Graduation Showcase, sponsored by Netflix, is shaping up to be very exciting indeed.

There is a month of events including three days of screenings and presentations at Picturehouse Central from February 25th to the 27th as well are dedicated showcases for Writing and Producing Comedy, Television Entertainment, Screenwriting and Production Design. Screenings and presentations taking place at Picturehouse Central include Fiction; Documentary; Animation; Science and Natural History; Television Entertainment; Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition; Film Studies, Programming and Curation; Sports Production; Games Design and Development; Commercials and Creative Producing for Digital Platforms.

Here’s a glimpse into the Science and Natural History documentaries we have on show this year:

A E O N: A cinematic ride through the inner-workings of first life, the diversity of the animal kingdom, and the organised chaos of the modern world. A E O N is a film about where we come from, what we have been, and where we are going.

The Team: Director/Producer/Camera Nathan Small, Editor Ona Bartrolí, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer/Foley Artist Ben Goodall Composer Thomas Ross Fitzsimons, Colourist Liz Glennard, Online Editor Michael Pearce, Marketing and Publicity Executive Dina Elkordy

Ahimsa: Compassion For All Life: A exploration into the fascinating relationship between the Hinduism and the natural world and how this hasn't resulted in some very unique and interesting interactions between Hindu people and animals today.

The Team: Director/Producer/Camera/Sound , Ralph Woollcombe, Editor Amy Pettipher, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer/Foley Artist Jose Pablo Ramirez, Composer Rachael Philip, Marketing and Publicity Executive, Zsofia Szemeredy, Colourist Liz Glennard, Online Editor Andrea Lo Priore

Among the Eucalyptus: Transporting you to the other side of the planet, where stories of remarkable animals are brought to the screen. Explore how these animals have adapted to an extraordinary tree, and how the tree itself is combating climate change.

The Team: Director/Producer/Camera Zoe Cousins, Editor Ed Coltman, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Edward A. Guy, Composer Marisa Cornford, Colourist and Online Editor Ysabel King

Beyond: What happens when things die? 'Beyond' takes us to a place where the scientific meets the spiritual. Through various visions of death and decay, nature takes its course and shows us that ultimately, death is necessary to life on earth.

The Team: Director/Producer Katherine Jane Hannaford, Cameras Katherine Jane Hannaford, Chris Orr Co-Editor, Gareth Pugh, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Inês Adriana, Composer Will Turner, Colourist Liz Glennard, Online Editor Andrea Lo Priore

Floating Forest: In the 1800s, sea otters were pushed to the brink of extinction by hunting for their valuable fur. Their dramatic recovery provides us with a unique insight into the fragile complexity of the kelp forest ecosystem.

The Team: Director/Producer/Camera Rory Yeung Editor Constance Brannick, Foley Artist Adam Douglas Jones, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer, Adam Shuttleworth , Composer Andreas Gutuen Aaser, Colourist And Online Editor Andrea Lo Priore

Now Or Never: Now Or Never tells the story of the rarest great ape in the world, the Tapanuli Orangutan. Only recently identified as an entirely new species, they already face extinction. The orangutans only home in Sumatra is being destroyed by humanity’s drive for ever more cheap energy. Is there any way to save them, along with their precious forest home, before it is too late? Action must be taken NOW, OR NEVER.

The Team: Director/Producer/Cinematographer Matt Senior Editor Mirjam Jegorov, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer/Foley Artist Kevin Langhamer, Composer Adam Price, Colourist and Online Editor Matt Senior, Marketing and Publicity Executive Alex Chronopoulos

Worlds Beyond Our Vision: Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of another creature? We only see a tiny fraction of the light spectrum that illuminates our planet, but some animals can see a world beyond our vision.

The Team: Director/Producer/Camera Chris Orr, Editors Margred Pryce, Stella Heath Keir, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Ioannis Spanos, Composer Will Turner, Colourist Liz Glennard, Online Editor Michael Pearce

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