An incredible six NFTS graduation films have been selected for this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, which takes place between the 19th and 30th June. NFTS graduation animations, Almost There directed by Nelly Michenaud, Heatwave, directed by Fokion Xenos and One Liner, directed by Matthew Lee will compete for the ‘Mclaren Award for Best New Animation’. Other graduation films selected for the festival include documentary, Beyond The North Winds: A Post Nuclear Reverie directed by Natalie Cubides-Brady, Animation, Moth directed by Ewa Luczkow and fiction, Rooftop Refugee directed by Alexandra Brodski.

Almost There: On an everyday train journey quite unlike any other, a not-so-casual observer goes to extreme lengths to avoid other passengers, a giant baby runs away from his parents, a romantic woman starts an ill-fated relationship with a cuckoo, and a naïve boy discovers that some problems can’t be fixed by pictures of unicorns.

The Team: Director Nelly Michenaud, Producers Kate Phibbs, Nathanael Baring, Screenwriter Tim Dees, Cinematographer Alana Mejia Gonzalez, Production Designer Theo Boswell, Production Manager Julia Jendrysik, Editor Celina Øier, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Ioannis Spanos, Composer Adam Price, Lead Animator Richard Farris, Model Makers Angus Choy, Alastair Fleming, Thanos Kantzavelos, Lisa Ott, Harry Saxon, Melissa Tague, Becky Weston, CG Lead Ysabel King, Colourist and Online Editor Liz Glennard

Heatwave: In the midst of a searing heatwave, two little children find a way to cool everyone down.

The Team: Director/Writer Fokion Xenos, Producer Priya K. Dosanjh, Cinematographer Brendan Freedman, Production Designer Antonio Niculae, Production Manager Joseph Phillips, Editor Stella Heath Keir, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Kevin Langhamer, Composer Andreas Gutuen Aaser, Marketing and PR Alexandre Ermakov, Model Makers Thanos Kantzavelos, Harry Saxon, Colourist And Online Editor Liz Glennard

One Liner: Ian Plinth, best known as the unfunny half of a comedy double act form the 1970s, attempts to make his solo comeback on board a cruise liner.

The Team: Director/Writer/Animator Matthew Lee, Producer Teodora Shaleva, Cinematographer Molly Manning-Walker, Production Designer Lauren Taylor, Production Manager Palma Derzsi, Editor Mirjam Jegorov, Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer Edward A. Guy, Composer Rachael Philip, Marketing and PR Alex Chronopoulos, Model Makers Oliver Arnell Argles, Ellen Carnegie, Angus Choy, Alastair Fleming, Thanos Kantzavelos, Lisa Ott, Harry Saxon, Melissa Tague, Becky Weston, Lead Compositor Mark Graham, Colourist and Online Editor Michael Pearce

Beyond the North Winds is a hybrid documentary about the decommissioning of a nuclear plant in Scotland. Tracing the journey of a fictional character who disappears while working at the reactor, the film explores our relationship with technology, myth and landscape.

The Team: Director/Producer/Additional Cinematography - Natalie Cubides-Brady Cinematographer - Sebastian Cort Production Manager - Alana O’Neill Editor - Jamie King Sound Recordist - Ben Band Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer - Ben Goodall Composer - Andreas Gutuen Aaser Compositor - Ysabel King Online Editor - Michael Pearce

Jumping between reality and fantasy, Moth is the story of a grieving family told through the eyes of lonely 8-year old Mabil and her vivid imagination which shows her how a tragic loss is breaking apart her parents.

The Team: Ewa Luczkow, Director/Animator; Nikolay Savov, Producer; Sophie Sims, Screenwriter; Alfred Thirolle, Cinematographer; Ewa Galak, Production Designer; Kieran Nolan Jones, Production Manager; Conor Meechan, Editor; Sean Mcgarrity, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Jo Paterson, Composer; Thomas Hurd, Cg Lead; Baitong Moseu, Lead Compositor; Beatriz De La Osa, Colourist & Online Editor

Moth TRAILER from Conor Meechan on Vimeo.

Rooftop Refugee is a satirical comedy that follows Martha as she attends her daughter’s primary school performance. a young refugee boy who is threatening to jump from the school rooftop throws the event into chaos and the adults below take the opportunity to spread their views on the world.

The Team: Alexandra Brodski, Director/Co-Screenwriter; Shereen Ali, Producer; Rebecca Martin, Co-Screenwriter; Alfred Thirolle, Cinematographer; Tea Palomäki, Eline Van Oeveren, Charlotte Smith, Dominika Lapinska, Assistant Directors; Rosalind Grégoire, Production Designer; Alex Mcardle, Production Manager; Selina Hånkansson, Editor; A T Grigore, Production Sound Mixer;  Joshua Deji Bamford, 1st Assistant Sound; Breen Turner, Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer; Anna Bauer, Composer; Laura Jane Dart, Colourist & Online Editor

Edinburgh International Film Festival, the world’s longest continually-running film festival, showcases global, international and UK films and plays host to the world's greatest filmmakers.

With an emphasis on new talent, discovery and innovation, EIFF’s vibrant programme of films and events combines a commitment to audiences with a strong ongoing stake in the development of the UK and Scottish film industries.

Applications for the NFTS Directing Animation MA are open until the 7th July 2019 (the two-year MA course starts in January 2020) – for more information and to apply, please visit