It’s snowing in reality and on the main stage at the NFTS thanks to a bout of bad weather and our latest Bridge to Industry film for Autograph Collection Hotels, Snowflake!

Recent NFTS graduates, Roland Kennedy (director) and Tiana Linden (co-writer) won the opportunity to make a film for Autograph Collection Hotels as part of a short film award launched by the hotel group to discover new talent and accelerate the development of upcoming filmmakers. Snowflake answers the brief and evokes the “exactly like nothing else” spirit of Autograph Collection Hotels through the discovery of the film’s main character, played by actor, Stanley Warbrick, that all snowflakes are different.

The shoot involved a snowy scenic painting and glass painting by Michael May; a miniature cabin made by Dec O’Brien; a snow carpet and a snow machine; puppeteers to ‘fly’ the lead actor through a snowstorm.

The Team of NFTS Graduates and Students includes: Roland Kennedy (Director); Khaled Gad (Producer); Brian Fawcett (Cinematographer) Co-writer – Tiana Linden; Line Producer: Reine Issa; Production Designer, Isobel Dunhill, Dec O’Brien (Art Department); Editor – Joseph Comer; Production Managers - Elisa De Pasquale, Stephanie Faucher, Alessandra Gonnella

Snowflake will be showcased at an exclusive screening and discussion in early 2018. Autograph are also supporting the development of new talent by providing a scholarship for NFTS students.