Out of 1,953 productions from 107 countries, we are proud to announce that two NFTS student films have been announced as winners at #LabMeCrazy! a science film festival run by the Museo de Ciencias at the University of Navarra in Spain. The festival’s aim is to arouse scientific curiosity and convey a passion for science.

Second year NFTS Science and Natural History student Juliette Martineau picked up a Special Award in the University Production category for her first year film, Smart Slime? Science and Natural History Graduate Matt Senior picked up an award in the Student Production category for his graduation film, Now or Never.

Two NFTS students amoung winners at #LabMeCrazy! 2019

Juliette said of her win: “I feel very honoured Smart Slime? won a science communication prize, the aim was to showcase the amazing research work of slime mould scientists and it's great to think that we achieved that! It means a lot to me as I think good science communication is crucial, especially with nature in crisis and the current global political climate. The creator of CRISPR (a game changing gene editing technology) and Nobel prize winner was also awarded at the ceremony, so it felt very surreal being there! The festival has a very positive message so it really was a great pleasure to be there and be awarded.”

Juliette has already won a prestigious Scientific Merit Award for Smart Slime? at the Scinema International Science Festival in Adelaide beating stiff competition from the likes of the BBC and National Geographic.

Matt’s film Now or Never is the story of the rarest great ape in the world, the Tapanuli Orangutan. Only recently identified as an entirely new species, they already face extinction. The orangutans' only home in Sumatra is being destroyed by humanity’s drive for ever more cheap energy. Is there any way to save them, along with their precious forest home, before it is too late? Action must be taken NOW, OR NEVER. nowornever-film.com

Matt has won a prestigious rhino trophy for ‘Best Documentary’ at the 2019 British Documentary Film Festival and has been selected in the Newcomer category of this year’s Green Screen Festival.

If you are interested in how you could direct and produce award-winning films like these, check out our Directing and Producing Science and Natural History MA on the NFTS website.