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Aimed at upcoming producers and directors, this new 3-day casting workshop is led by Liz Stoll and will demystify the casting process from script to selection, and will include a mock casring season with professional actors on the last day

Over the duration of the training, they will learn the techniques on how to get the best out the actors, prepare for the meetings, get tips and guidance on what to look for in a reading, how to run an effective and productive audition and help in making that crucial casting decision. Included will be the logistics of casting including availabilities, schedules, budget considerations, the etiquette of approaching and making offers to high profile actors and ensuring that diversity is always evident in the selection of people met and cast.  

Liz Stoll has been a casting director for over 18 years in the Drama and Continuing Drama departments at the BBC where she cast series, single dramas, films and drama documentaries. Her first casting position was at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1986 followed by Theatre Royal Plymouth which led to casting West End musicals. She then moved into television casting via “The Bill” and various drama documentaries. 

Feedback from Liz’s past training include:

“Liz delivered excellent casting sessions, she generously shared her extensive knowledge which was an invaluable experience for everyone. Liz was engaging and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn about this specialist industry area.”

Freelance Rate: £535

Corporate Rate: £995

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