Comedy Sketch-Writing for Radio & TV

Short course


This is a two-day masterclass all about how to get your sketch-writing broadcast to the nation. If you’re passionate about comedy but want to hone your craft and learn about real-world opportunities to get your work on air, this course will give you all the tools and information you need.


Taught by full-time comedy writers Ed Amsden & Tom Coles (Dead Ringers, Have I Got News For You, The News Quiz and more), this extensive, hands-on, practical course covers:


  • The theory behind how comedy sketches work, as well as tips and guidance for writing, including the importance of industry-standard formatting.
  • ‘Finding the funny’ when choosing your angle and subject, selecting your target and mining it for jokes.
  • Understanding and replicating different comic tones and styles, helping you to target your writing to particular genres, media, talent and programmes.
  • Comprehensive analysis on the difference between writing for radio and TV, as well as online, live performance and other formats. Students will learn the differences between parody, satire, surrealism, topical, non-audience and monologue sketches.
  • Creating, crafting and honing sketches together, with group discussion and one-to-one feedback.
  • Open-submission programmes and potential career trajectories through comedy writing.
  • Practical advice and guidance on where to submit your work and how to get your first broadcast credit.


    You will leave this two-day course armed with practical guidance on how to make a professional career out of making people laugh. As well as a deeper understanding of the industry and the avenues down which your work can take you, students will also come away with physical sketches they have written and all the tools needed to keep writing more.

    Comments from our pilot course included: “A very insightful and fun informative class” “Really recommend” “Loved it” “It has really inspired me to keep writing & trying”

    Freelance Rate: £385

    Corporate Rate: £750

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