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Stress can be incredibly dangerous. It can be your enemy. This intensive one-day workshop explores ways to effectively handle stress in creative industries so that you don’t become its next victim. It focuses on practical steps to manage the stress that arises from working to tight deadlines in a high-pressure, competitive world. The lead-up to a deadline can be stressful as the hours and minutes pass away quickly. During this period of ‘Crunch time’, it’s easy to lose your cool, to make mistakes and to experience high-levels of stress that may be damaging to your personal wellbeing and to the reputation of your company. This workshop blends both theory and practice as we explore important case-studies and learn from those studies with practical steps and techniques that you can apply to your working practice immediately.


This important workshop is interactive and consists of presentations, group activities, reflective studies and group discussion. Specifically, this course will cover:


- What exactly is Crunch Time?

- How stress and panic arises from Crunch Time

- Crunch Time Examples and Case Studies

- How you can prepare for Crunch Time

- Top Techniques for managing stress in Crunch Time

- Stress Management Models

- Managing Moral and Team Dynamics

- Crunch Time Avoidance Techniques


Through a series of practical exercises, you will explore key causes of stress in crunch time, how to avoid the perils of crunch, and how to create a working environment where stress and crunch can be more effectively managed.

The workshop is led by Alan Thorn, Head of Games at the NFTS and also an author and game developer with 20 years industry experience. Alan is a multiple crunch-time survivor. He previously worked at Microsoft, Teesside University, Packt Publishing and Disney. Alan specializes in helping 'tech heads' thrive and flourish in their chosen fields. Alan has written 34 books, presented 30 online courses and created 33 games including the award-winning adventure, Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok.

Freelance Rate: £50

Corporate Rate: £100


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