Developing & Pitching Drama

Short course


This two day course is for producers, script editors, writers, and people with ideas of making feature films or television drama. The course explores how best to develop drama proposals, script outlines, or un-commissioned scripts and target/pitch these to potential financiers, sales agents and distributors.

This course will make you think realistically about your ideas and give you a framework for going forward. If you’ve been struggling on your own, it will give you invaluable feedback, suggestions and ways of packaging your ideas.

  • Topics to be covered include
  • the role of the producer
  • how to develop a story
  • options and contracts
  • how to look for finance

In order to make the course most beneficial please come armed with a couple of your own ideas that you can work on throughout the 2 days!

Freelance Rate: £365

Corporate Rate: £550

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If you experience any problems making your application please contact us 01494 677 903

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