Short course


Great at ideas? Thinking of new and compelling ways to tell stories? Got the knack of discovering and developing new broadcast/online talent? 


This course will help you hone your development skills, and increase your chances of working in development it is also designed to give you some insight into what actually happens in a pitch.  As well as exploring what the winning ones share and introducing you to the basic principles of how to communicate your ideas effectively.

With top tips and advice from key industry execs – including their commissioning dos and don’ts – the aim of the course is to help you increase your chances of success.

It includes hands-on, role-playing exercises covering everything from ideas generation and pitching, to casting and quickly finding possible contributors.


The course will cover:

Broadcasters and financing structures. 

Online channels and opportunities.


Researching the slots – what works where?  

Researching the commissioners – their likes and dislikes.  

Constructing successful treatments and sizzle tapes.


Preparation – what do you want to get out of the Commissioning Editor meeting?

How to pitch to a Commissioning Editor.

Presentation skills – making the most of your personality and character when selling.



Across the course, you’ll also get the opportunity to meet two key industry professionals who have successfully won high level commissions in Broadcast and Feature Docs:

One an expert with experience of heading up development teams for some of the biggest Indies.

The other a freelance Producer/Director who doggedly pulled together the funding and backing to direct their successful feature documentary, for cinema release. 


The TV Skills Fund is currently offering bursaries for diverse candidates working (or wanting to work) in non-scripted tv. Further details are available on their website here

Freelance Rate: £365

Corporate Rate: £550

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Application deadline:

If you experience any problems making your application please contact us 01494 677 903

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