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So, what is a Production Co-ordinator?  What does one do, how, why, when?

Designed further career prospects for suitably experienced production personnel the course is designed to further their knowledge of Film drama production and improve their employment prospects, this course will cover - amongst other things:

  • How films are financed and are made and the co-ordinator’s role in the process
  • The floor and the production office; how they relate in the jigsaw of drama production
  • Shooting scripts and colour coded amendments and reading so as to assist in preparing call sheets from 1st & 2nd AD’s.
  • Understanding a schedule and the day out of days information that the schedule creates and how that translates into the work of the coordinator including designing and maintaining their own excel spread sheets in areas such as travel, hotel, equipment etc. etc.
  • Standard formats for call sheets, movement orders, shooting schedules, production schedules, contact lists etc
  • Preparation work required for shooting, including working overseas
  • Equipment: what's what
  • Bookings, orders, monitoring budgets against costs as applicable
  • Liaison with the accounts department and use of software for co-odinating crew contracts and overtime
  • Contractual paperwork including latest digital systems and understanding the Equity contract documentation from CAN (Casting Advice Note) onwards.
  • Insurance, Copyright and clearances required for E&O Insurance.
  • Shipping; dispatching the rushes; maintaining stock checks and records
  • Progress Reports; who does what and how they work
  • Liaison with the financiers, the completion guarantors and any co-producers
  • Preparation work required for post production; the post production co-ordinator including wrap disc.
  • Running and maintain the production Diary for all departments

This is an informal but structured based course, which includes practical exercises designed to improve skills and increase confidence and is designed as a largely proactive course with group discussions encouraged.

Freelance Rate: £480

Corporate Rate: £950

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