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FINISHING THE SCRIPT is an online 1-2-1 course for individual writers and producers currently in development with a new TV Drama Series or screenplay. Peter Ansorge has extensive experience developing television and film scripts with some of the UK’s top writers and will take your script to the next level.

He will work with the writer on a script which can be at an early, middle or late stage of development. The writer’s producer, if on board, will also be able to participate. The session will offer professional guidance and positive feedback over a 90-minute session.

Peter is ex-Head of Drama at Channel 4 whose award-winning career includes: A Very British Coup, Traffik, GBH, The Politician’s Wife, The Camomile Lawn, Dance To The Music of Time and the Peabody-winning adaptation of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City.

Several of the scripts completed on Peter’s established ‘Writing the Pilot’ and ‘Creating The Bible’ courses at NFTS Beaconsfield and NFTS Scotland are currently in development with leading UK Independents.

Comments on Writing The Pilot and Creating The Bible.

“Peter helped us all find the best in ourselves and make the experience truly rewarding, inspiring us every step of the way.”

“I can’t believe that I wrote an entire one-hour drama script in just 8 days! And it was Peter’s inspiration and knowledge that made it happen.”

“The Writing the TV Pilot course has given me real confidence to say I’m a director and writer and has literally changed my life.”

Each individual 90 minute sessions costs £280 and can be booked at times that are convenient for the participant.

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