How To Develop Killer Ideas

Short course


Coming up with amazing ideas is one of the hardest things in television. If you’re lucky, it could make you millions. If you’re not, the rejection letters will make you cry into your cornflakes. So how do you come up with the killer idea across the various genres? Is ideas generation a science or an art?

This course will help those who want to want to work full-time in development as well as those for whom ideas generations is an important part of their job, whether it’s as a researcher, producer or director.

Where do ideas come from?

  • Science or Art?
  • The 5 stages of development
  • A brief history of successful TV formats and ideas and how they came about
  • Lateral thinking: what exercises can I do to unlock my creativity?
  • Understanding the commissioning brief
  • Ideas generation across specific genres: documentary, specialist factual, factual entertainment and drama

Day 1: Seminar based with group exercises on how ideas are generated.

Day 2: Applying the knowledge from Day I to particular genres. This is a day of exercises and lateral thinking.

Freelance Rate: £365

Corporate Rate: £720

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