Live Football Commentating

Live Football Commentating

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This online course is aimed at commentators who wish to increase their commentary skills and ability to cope with mid and high football leagues.

It is based on theory and practical sessions aimed at giving commentators a greater understanding of their craft and improving their commentary skills.

The course is run initially as a group session and then commentators will prepare and perform training by delivering off tube commentary of a football match.

The 2-day online training will have pre-recorded and live sessions. Participants will be given case-studies and project work and will benefit from direct interaction with the expert.



Have a better understanding of the real objectives of sports commentary

Have a much broader understanding of the art of commentary

Understand what the Broadcaster wants from a good Commentator

Be able to prepare for commentary more effectively with the tools to develop their own system of notes

Be able to create their own commentary style and feel more confident in delivering effective storytelling commentary

Be confident and efficient in storytelling