Live Sports Direction with Live Simulator Beaconsfield

5 days Full-time

Main Campus In person 09:30am - 17:30pm

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Live Sports Direction with Live Simulator Beaconsfield

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The Live Sports Direction programme is designed to benefit the Directors, Replay Operators and Producers in production of a Sports event.

Using the brand new, Live TV Simulator, the participants will be able to practise the art of storytelling and learn from various international broadcasting philosophies to broadcast a live event. The theoretical and practical course aims to encourage and develop existing expertise and creativity of participants.

The learning objectives are to understand the use of different cameras in a live sports production, to use the broadcast equipment effectively to adapt to different types of events, to adopt best practice for story telling across slow motion and replays and to understand the various roles in a production team and to work effectively as a team

The sessions involve theory of a Sports production followed by practical exercises on the Live TV Simulator.

The Live TV Simulator has become an integrated training facility built using the latest in live production equipment. It is easy to setup and configure according to the different training scenarios This includes live video servers - enabling up to 16 ISO camera feeds in High Definition 1080i format for ingest/playout, instant replay and slow motion tools and a live video switcher that can be used by multiple trainees simultaneously.

Comments from past courses include: 

“Enjoyable and worthwhile experience.”

“This was an excellent course, with 2 very experienced and helpful trainers.”

“A great learning experience all round.”

“What I have learnt in just 5 days will be so useful for my future career.”