If you share Lord Attenborough's commitment to film and learning and want to have a long lasting impact, you can help the NFTS by contributing to our new fund.

Lord Attenborough was the NFTS President. His distinguished association with the School is over 4 decades long, and he was key to its creation. Under his presidency, the status of the NFTS grew steadily, whether judged by the accumulation of festival prizes, BAFTAs or Oscars, or by reference to the professional success of graduates. The NFTS celebrated this invaluable contribution by launching the Lord Attenborough NFTS Charitable Fund. Through this Fund, those who share Richard's commitment to film and learning will have the chance to help the School deliver first class training to the best current and future filmmakers in the UK.

The aim of the fund is to raise £1 million pounds for the NFTS, the Flagship School in the UK, to build on its reputation as a hub of creativity and world class professional teaching, and remain at the forefront of developments in the Industry.

Please donate to the fund on the CAF Online website. Your donation will go directly into the Lord Attenborough NFTS Charitable Fund.

Visit our Donate Now page for other ways to support the School. If you wish to discuss in person how you can support us, please e-mail us at fundraising@nfts.co.uk

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Be part of the story.

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