DFX Students Work on Fantastic Beasts & the Paralympics!


DFX Students Work on Fantastic Beasts & the Paralympics!

“It gives you a really good foot in the door”

Our second year DFX MA students got the chance to work on some of the most high-profile film and TV events of the year during the summer from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to the Paralympics!

The students work at some of the UK’s biggest visual effects houses including Framestore, MPC, Bait Studio and Rushes. They take this opportunity to apply and develop the skills they have learned at the school from CG to motion capture in a real world situation. It is also a fantastic opportunity to build contacts with industry professionals and peers.

David Sheldon:

I completed a two month internship with Framestore as part of their Launchpad scheme. For the first two weeks, I worked on Dr Strange and then for the rest of my time, I was lucky enough to work on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which I loved being a Harry Potter fan! I was even asked to stay on for an extra couple of weeks to continue my work on the movie. My experience was really exciting and eye opening to see the level of talented people who work there. I learnt a lot by just being with people who have worked on films for decades. The pinnacle of my experience was going to a special screening for crew where Fantastic Beasts director, David Yates (also an NFTS alumnus) and producer David Heyman came out to thank everyone for their hard work.

I applied to the NFTS as after graduating from my BA in Digital Media Production, I couldn’t find the kind of work I wanted so I ended up working in a shop. To think that I have gone from working in a shop to working on Fantastic Beasts in just two years is amazing! My time so far on the DFX MA at NFTS really prepared me for the work placement as we had already covered many of the areas that were covered at Framestore such as Motion Capture and CG. Now as a result of the MA and the work placement, I feel a very confident that I will get a job as a compositor after graduating. It gives you a really good foot in the door.

(MPC interns including Jake Ferris, second from right.)

Jake Ferris:

I spent two months this summer at MPC film in London as the Layout Department intern. I learnt an incredible amount in two months, including how the film pipeline works and what each department contributes to the finished film. It was enlightening and inspiring to see how just how many passionate and dedicated artists work on each film that MPC works on. My colleagues were all fantastically nice and more than willing to help me learn. 

(Shivani and Alex outside Bait Studio)

Alexander Davis:

I spent five weeks in Cardiff working at Bait Studio as a compositing intern. It was a fantastic and eye-opening experience for me as I was treated like a fully-fledged member of the team. I got to work on several episodes of BBC drama series Casualty and Ordinary Lies doing comp and cleanup shots. The work I did has greatly enhanced my showreel and will be a big help in finding work after the MA. Learning to use a professional pipeline, seeing how hours are allotted per shot, and getting used to the rhythm and pace of work in a post house was invaluable for my development. It has given me a taste of the industry and I can't wait to get started next year. Bait was such a friendly company too, I always felt supported when I needed it and there was constant flow of cakes in the office! 

Shivani Shah:

My five-week summer internship with Bait Studio as a CG Generalist was an incredible experience. I had the opportunity to work on a CG heavy 4K matte painting project called Tyrrau Mawr, artist Bedwyr Williams' entry to this year's Artes Mundi prize, as well as contributing to some 2D work for the Paralympics. The internship was a fantastic insight into the VFX industry and how companies operate within the company itself, with their clients and work efficiently through production specific pipelines. In addition to this, I met some great people who welcomed me into the industry and gave great advice. I now feel a lot more prepared for employment once I have graduated from NFTS.

Guillem Guardiola Serra:

I was in the CG department at Rushes. They are a boutique VFX company which specializes in advertising content and I go to see how their pipeline works and how they interact with clients. They gave me an exercise to do in which I followed a brief to create a fully CG advert. They helped me along the way, and gave me really useful feedback, which made this a fantastic learning experience. It was a very creative and friendly work environment.

If you are inspired by these stories and would love to experience something like this, there’s still time to apply for our Digital Effects MA, which starts in January 2017. For more information and to apply, please visit https://nfts.co.uk/our-courses/masters/digital-effects