Don’t Miss Our Marketing MA Open Day


Don’t Miss Our Marketing MA Open Day

Live on Facebook Wednesday 27th 12.30pm!

Back by popular demand, we are streaming an open day for our new Marketing and Distribution MA for Film, TV and Games live on Facebook on Wednesday 27th September at 12.30pm.

Course leader and entertainment marketing expert, Deborah Rowland and Head of Producing, Chris Auty will discuss the new course and answer any questions you might have about the two-year MA course, which starts in January 2018.

Here’s a taster of what you can expect from the course:

The Marketing MA for Film, TV and Games is a really exciting course that looks at how we connect content such as films, TV shows and games to audiences and consumers.  It will equip you with all the tools you’ll need to sell, market, distribute, retail and exhibit – looking at how cinemas, TV channels, games and film distribution companies operate, how to identify your audiences, and how to reach them through creative and effective sales and marketing techniques.  By the end of the course, you’ll have an unrivalled overview of the film, television and games industries and be able to move between them with ease – making you highly employable executives in these sectors.

What sort of roles will it qualify me for?

The course will qualify you for a huge number of commercial roles within the film, television and games sectors, these might include:

–        a marketing manager who creates the campaigns for feature films or games, ensuring the trailers, posters and advertising all connect with the right audiences

–        a commissioning exec who spots the best television shows and talent and brings them to your channel

–        an exhibition marketing manager who ensures that audiences have the best experiences at their cinemas

–        a publicity manager who looks after the cast of a popular television show or film, managing their interviews with the press or their appearances at premieres and events

–        a social media exec managing the online word of mouth for their film, television show or game

These are just a few of the roles you will be prepared and qualified for once you’ve taken the course.

What makes this course different from similar ones out there?

There are lots of reasons this MA stands out from others:

1)     NFTS has an unrivalled reputation. It has been described as “the best film school in the world” and is a centre of learning excellence for the creative sector.  The course leaders and tutors are some of the most experienced in the film, television and games industries – you will emerge from completing your course incredibly experienced and well connected!

2)     Practical application and experience is a major focus of the course.  As a student you will have valuable work experience placements that will shine on your CV: We will take you to film and television markets, Berlinale and MIPCOM, and games conference EGX; you will work with the producers and designers on other NFTS courses on live projects; and have countless networking opportunities to meet and learn from the industries’ best talent.

3)     The course aims to give you not only the business-to-consumer skill set - how to connect films, games and television shows with the public - but also the critical business-to-business mind-set to manage a brand or business in relation to other businesses within the industries, to really command each sector with ease.

4)     The content and delivery has been developed by the film, television and game industries.  We have consulted with them thoroughly in the creation of the objectives, framework and subject matter covered.  This is a meaningful qualification to the sectors you will soon be working in.

What are the key things I need to know to apply?

·         The course is 2 years, full-time and starts in January 2018

·         Applications are open now; please click ***Here*** to apply.

-         Register for the online open day at

·         There are no specific educational requirements for the course. Some experience or study in media and/or marketing and publicity is desirable and a love of film, television and/or games I would say is essential!

Tweet your questions to us using #NFTSMarketing @NFTSFilmTV and we will pass them to Debbie and Chris or ask questions live during the open day at our Facebook page.