Students Takeover Sky Studios


Students Takeover Sky Studios

Get Hands-On Experience of Live TV

NFTS students recently took over Sky’s biggest studio to put together live entertainment show ‘Earlier With Fergus’, a music programme in the vein of ‘Later With Jools Holland.’

The students at the heart of the exercise are on the Cameras, Sound & Vision Mixing Diploma, which is delivered in partnership with Sky. They were supported by students on the Assistant Directing & Floor Managing Diploma and the Production Management for Film and Television Diploma who were on hand to manage cabling and ensure the production and crew deal with any challenges and meet any time constraints. Students on the Television Entertainment MA were also in attendance to observe Head of Television Entertainment, David G. Croft direct.

The show is recorded ‘as live’ with no stops or re-takes. Three very different live bands, linked by a presenter provide a full-on test for camera, vision mixing and sound students with Sky staff working alongside and guiding. As the opening titles roll there is tension and anticipation in the air. The camera operators perform their rehearsed moves to a pulsing ‘bar count’ ensuring that the director’s intentions are realised as the vision mixer cuts, mixes and wipes to the beat. Sound students have carefully selected and placed a forest of different microphones and sound checked each band in advance. Now they have to mix each band live, providing audio feeds to the musicians to allow them to hear other instruments to play against, and deal with the presenter and play-in clips.

The sound students are located in a separate control room overlooking the production gallery using state-of-the-art broadcast sound mixing desk.

The NFTS runs exercises throughout the course in its brand new 4k broadcast standard TV studio and students also get a six week placement at Sky Studios in the summer.

There are still some places available on this exciting one-year diploma that starts in January 2017; we are particularly looking for people who are interested in being camera or sound operators. If this is you, apply here!